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  • sananda
    Oct 26, 04:20 PM
    sucked that the pricks pushed in.

    just got back. can't believe that people just pushed in.

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  • acfusion29
    Nov 17, 06:41 PM
    So a 17 year old can do it but a gigantic company with $50 billion lying there can't. Seems logical to me. :rolleyes:

    Wake up Steve. Seriously.

    i'm sure all these white cases are the ones that Apple didn't want

    i would buy a kit, but not for that much. i know it includes the digitizer and LCD. still not worth it

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  • Silentwave
    Oct 16, 08:20 PM
    at the rate i'm going, it'll be out and i'll have one before my replacemet samsung comes in.....

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  • carbonmotion
    Apr 11, 06:30 PM
    I have an Omega Speedmaster Professional as a gift from my former employer. It has a steel band. Is there anyway to replace with with a faux leather bad. I don't think I can afford the genuine Omega band at this point in my life and the Steel bites my wrist. Also, how would I install such a thing?


    I want a band that looks something like this. Reference photo.


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  • Flying Llama
    Jun 12, 12:50 PM
    Hi Redeye,

    I have come accross another bug, or it's my dual G5... or Atszyman is spoking me out! :mad: Like he's ever gonna catch up with me!
    This is the case: I have three folding widgets running for over a week now, no problem in that week. I have three because I want to monitor someone behind me (Atszyman) and my next overtake in front of me. But when I just looked all three widgets where on Atszyman.

    It's not just the folding tracker widget: I believe there is one preference file for a specific widget, so when dashboard was restarted, it loaded the preference file, and applied it to all folding tracker widgets. Apple should fix this...

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  • Burnsey
    May 3, 07:18 PM
    They will do a ton of damage in those four years, so get ready. The more I read about them , the more they scare me just as much as our conservatives do.

    Wow- just watched him. He's a real horse's ass. How the hell did you guys elect that fool? I'm even more concerned for you Canadians now.

    Their performance on the economy has been pretty good so far (even though prior to the recession they opposed the very banking regulations that kept Canada in decent shape coming out of the crisis). At the moment the economy seems to be the #1 priority for most people, and I guess a change in government in the middle of a recovery was not what people wanted.

    The conservatives campaigned on "we didn't want an election, we were in the middle of fixing the economy when the other parties decided to call an election, all we ask is for a majority government so that we can go back to work and fix the economy without these distractions". I think that resonated with a lot of people.


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  • maflynn
    Apr 22, 06:21 PM
    This fits LTD to a tee, taken from his link
    The results suggest Mac users can be seen, depending on your perspective, as bolder and more creative -- or elitist and more pretentious.

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  • Fukui
    Apr 12, 07:42 PM
    Hey anybody tried Hancom office?
    I've used it on Win but heard its also available on OSX too.


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  • flurffmeister
    Apr 6, 11:07 AM
    Though it's not very clear, it looks like the capacity is listed as 12(X) GB. From what I've seen in any mass storage device, 8-10% of the storage space is missing for whatever reason (my 32GB iPhone has 29.1GB.) Even if it says 120GB, that's only 6.25% gone.


    The settings also show a 128GB capacity.


    If this were a genuine 128GB unit, the settings would show something like 118GB capacity.

    128 GB (storage size speak = 128 billion bytes) = 119.2GB (binary speak)

    Subtract about 900 megs to a gig for the OS (judging by the stated capacity on an iPod touch 4 at iOS 4.3.1), and you have somewhere around 118-118.3GB.

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  • pengu
    Oct 26, 11:12 PM
    That's basically it. You pay the $100 because you don't want to read, learn and figure stuff out. Every Mac sold comes with enough software that you could set up your own services using your DSL or Cable Internet connection. Macs have web severs, FTP servers, email and "all the UNIX Stuff" You already have an iDisk right there on your desk that could be accessed from any computer that has a browser but it's easier for most people to pay $100 than to figure out how to make it work.

    or you pay $100 because its not just $8.25 a month. how much will it cost you in time (yours), internet access costs, electricity, potential downtime etc. to "do it yourself".

    I'm in australia, so its $129 here i think.

    however. i currently make $50/hr so, unless i can guarantee that ALL functionality provided by .Mac will take me less than 2 1/2 hours a year (ignoring the cost of electricity for a machine running 24x7) its financially better for me to pay the $129.

    and for all you google fans. fine. use it for free, but i prefer NOT to have advertising in my email thanks.


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  • redeye be
    Jun 1, 03:30 AM
    This is a great widget, and itself justifies the upgrade to Tiger! BTW, I believe you can update any widget by selecting it, and then hitting command-R (just FYI for the summary in the first post).
    Good point, glad you're enjoying the widget.

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  • Purdin
    Mar 13, 05:27 PM
    I woke up in the middle of the night and my Verizon iPhone did fall back an hour. It later corrected itself though.


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  • DeSnousa
    Jun 10, 06:01 AM
    Back at my computer, finally.
    A lumbago kept me laying down in front of my tv since sunday. sucks.
    Thx for helping out with the user questions.

    Time to do some work on the widget :D

    Welcome back, i was wondering what had happened to you.

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  • phishymike
    Apr 24, 09:28 PM
    I just bought a Presonus FireBox, but I'm having some problems with it.

    I'm on a 2007 MacBook Pro, osx 10.5.8

    I plug the unit into the wall, it powers up just fine, red light. I then plug the firewire cable from the Firebox into the FW 400 input on my mac. The light on the firebox goes blue, as though the connection has been established, but the computer doesn't recognize it. I've tried the PRAM/NVRAM reset and SMC reset to no avail.

    Under system profiler>hardware, while the FireBox is plugged in, it says,

    FireWire Bus:


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  • liavman
    Apr 25, 04:03 PM
    I am looking for the full schedule for the developer conference. Specifically, I need to know when we will be done on Friday. This will help me book my tickets back to my town. Can someone help me with this? ( If there is another thread specifically about the developer conference, please point me to that as well. )

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  • IndyGopher
    Apr 26, 02:13 AM
    I agree. The most problematic components in a computer in general are the mechanical ones, and at this point, the only mechanical component that most likely will never be removed is the fan. Mobile devices on the other hand have even done away with that. These are interesting times. I rarely ever use the optical drive anymore, in fact, I have not used it in months... There is simply no reason to. Virtually all software is available online via the mac app store or some site somewhere, and the only things i use the drive for anymore are OS restores from time machine. If Apple were to provide a restore partition with the default install of Lion, then that would be it. No more DVD drive.
    All true... but what happens when you replace the hard drive? Willing to buy one from Apple with the OS preinstalled?


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  • TopToffee
    Feb 25, 03:33 AM
    It's too bad really, but he doesn't look long for this world. No one that skinny is healthy. My guess is that the last few months have been spent in trying to put some weight on the guy. Chemo therapy cannot be given to someone who is already too weak......
    I hope I'm wrong.

    I'm not far off being that skinny. I eat well, and exercise 4-5 times a week.

    While Jobs undoubtedly has some health issues (none of us know what they are right now - other than the fairly major fact that he has a transplanted liver) but to say no one healthy is that thin is just not true.

    Some people have quite spectacularly high metabolisms

    Mr Jobs has never exactly been a chubber, has he? :P

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  • SFStateStudent
    Apr 14, 08:32 PM
    Maybe he wanted to give up his Mercedes Benz for a "TESLA" or a "ZipCar"...:D

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  • Eraserhead
    Mar 27, 05:50 AM
    How about a breathing tax, somebody's gotta pay for all that CO2, right?

    Let's tax blinking, too... That's a waste of energy.

    Get real. Lots of countries have high taxes on car ownership or on fuel - noone has a "breathing tax".

    Nov 12, 10:29 PM
    P.S.: I'm kidding. I don't really need the instructions translated.

    Jan 8, 06:37 AM
    Push Notifications are when your phone automatically checks for updates, alerts etc. without you having to open the app right? I guess it's just misleading to me because when I hear "push" notifications, I think of something that happens when I push the app or open it up.

    Thanks for the fast response!

    A push notification is sent from the server to phone automatically. Thus, when something changes on the server in regards to your Facebook account, the information is pushed to your phone if you have subscribed to receive that type of notification. In short, you don't have poll for the information because the information is being pushed to you.

    Nov 14, 09:49 AM
    I would call this "pre-lobothomy":eek:
    What happened to old driving games and conversation?:o

    99 bottles of beer on the wall,
    99 bottles of beer.
    If one of those bottles should happen to fall,
    98 bottles of beer on the wall.

    98 bottles of beer on the wall...


    Sep 1, 01:15 AM
    Anything asthetically new in this version, or perhaps some new small features?

    Sep 13, 04:23 PM
    Can the G4 beat the Pentium 5? You are probably scratching your heads on this one. Yep, the Pentium 5 is very real, and it is coming soon. 2nd quarter of the Pentium 5 debuting at 3.2GHZ is going to come out. It will have 100 million transistors on it and it will be manufactured at .09 microns. Also, here is the doozy, it will have 1 mb of L2 on die cache, and it will support 333mhz bus speeds, with the addition of DDR, that is a possible 667mhz bus speeds. By the way, if you were wondering, the Pentium 4 has 42 million transistors.

    Now, for the G4: I am not sure how many transistors the G4 has, but I imagine it is way less then 100 million, or even 42 million, considering the P4 came out after the G4. Anyway, the cache on the G4 is higher on the high-end, 2mb of cache. But: the speed: 1.25Ghz? Can that really stand up to a P5 with 333mhz bus, and 3.2Ghz clock speeds? My opinion: most likely not.

    Let's be honest, the P4 basically can beat the G4 in most tasks today, so a new faster version of the P4, the P5 can easily beat the G4, most likely in 95-99% of all tasks.

    Ok, we have established that the G4 is, well, to slow against the P5, even though we don't know about it yet, I imagine it will be. Well, Apple just pulled the plug on OS 9 for January, what could this mean? I am not sure, only Steve knows. But Apple better come out with something that can at least compete with the Pentium 5, and it better come soon. I would not be surprised if Apple comes out with the G5 in January, just to say they were the first to have a generation 5 possessor, but I could be wrong.

    Ok, I made my case, now, what do you guys think? By the way: I got this information about the Pentium 5 from eWeek, so it is reputable.

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