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iphone 5 verizon specs

iphone 5 verizon specs. new iphone 5 verizon
  • new iphone 5 verizon

  • scu
    Oct 16, 07:17 PM
    Apple smart phone with keyboard? I could definitely be talked into that.

    Me too:D

    iphone 5 verizon specs. verizon iphone 5 release date
  • verizon iphone 5 release date

  • bretm
    Oct 10, 12:10 PM
    For those of you saying that we live in a capitalistic society... not by a long shot. Corporate welfare is MUCH MUCH bigger than any fictional welfare queen in Brooklyn. These companies receive tax cuts, loopholes, exemptions far beyond what a middle class suburban couple has access to.

    What Target and Walmart are doing is actually against some of the monopoly legistation that was passed in the early 20th century. One of the tenets was that a company coulodn't tell another producer who they could sell to, at what price, etc. This prevented a very large company from gaining to much of an advantage over their competitors.

    What Target and Walmart are probably threatening is to just jack up the prices on the DVDs a couple of dollars. This improves their bottom line and reduces the number of impluse buys a consumer makes on a DVD. Or to not put DVD on encaps, in front of the stores next to the checkout. They really do have a myriad of ways of making the studios lose some profit. At tsome point though, the retailers are going to shaft themselves. It really is a game of chicken and the first one to blink, gets the bullet in the head (how's that for mixed metaphors?)

    First, no company pays taxes. YOU pay all their taxes. In a capitalistic society it doesn't matter if they are given tax breaks or increases. It is all passed on to the consumer to achieve the bottom line.

    You cite it yourself in your misunderstanding that Walmart or Target will just jack up their prices to increase their profit. That's what a company does if your increase their corporate taxes. Decrease them and they can better compete.

    Now Walmart and Target jacking up their prices probably wouldn't hurt anyone but Walmart and Target. They may make more per item but obviously they would sell less DVDs. And since they're not in cahoots with each other (THAT would actually be a monopolistic type practice) neither can actually jack the price, because everyone would simply go to Walmart or Target respectively. Or Best Buy, or Curcuit City or whoever. Walmart may be the biggest seller of DVDs, but it they yank them then they won't be. And they won't pull people into their stores to buy stuff they actually make profit on. Another company will glady pickup the slack.

    The reason Walmart and Target are all talk is because they have no hand. None. They're backed into a corner. Thier best bet is to open their own online download biz.

    This stuff is the same year after year. Companies ride their little economic model for years without looking to the future. Then they complain moan and threaten. If they really had options, they would simply implement them.

    iphone 5 verizon specs. verizon iphone 5 features.
  • verizon iphone 5 features.

  • rdowns
    Apr 8, 07:18 AM
    So we're on our way to a government shutdown because the Tea Party Republicans want to kill Planned Parenthood and Big Bird. How ****ing sad.

    Hey Tea Party, remember, it's all about jobs, jobs, jobs. :rolleyes:

    iphone 5 verizon specs. Apple#39;s White iPhone 4 from
  • Apple#39;s White iPhone 4 from

  • CaptMurdock
    Apr 23, 11:43 AM
    ... free everything and someone to teach us how to wipe our butts. We have this weird vision for American where everything should be an incentive to be responsible.

    anything else promotes irresponsibility

    How about you help get the Morality Police off our backs first and then we'll talk about the "incentive to be responsible"? I have a job, I take care of my family, I pay my bills, I'm not slicing co-eds' throats in the middle of the night, I'm not selling guns to Middle Eastern nutballs -- so at what point does the Holier-Than-Me crowd take me off its speed-dial? They say it's all about Personal Responsibility and yet when I achieve my Decent Member Of Society Merit Badge, they're still telling me how to live, and more to the point, what my wife does with her body.


    iphone 5 verizon specs. Iphone 5 Verizon Specs.
  • Iphone 5 Verizon Specs.

  • Apple OC
    Apr 23, 12:39 AM
    sure why not ... I also wanted Ross Perot to be President

    iphone 5 verizon specs. verizon iphone 4 Verizon
  • verizon iphone 4 Verizon

  • Macky-Mac
    Apr 12, 08:12 PM
    If people are less likely to use a cashier who is an ethnic minority (which I dispute, but anyway), would that make them less productive and less valuable for their employer?

    So, if it is thought that an ethnic minority would actually do a job worse, because of other people's discrimination, then ethnicity technically would make a difference to their ability to do a job.

    Would this be grounds for not employing them?

    no, that would be discrimination against them because of their race/ethnicity.....the fact that other people also might contribute additional discrimination doesn't negate or justify the employer's racial discrimination


    iphone 5 verizon specs. iPhone 5 : Specs | Review
  • iPhone 5 : Specs | Review

  • Pastorius
    Sep 15, 01:40 AM
    I've gone under anesthesia twice now, once under general anesthesia for a broken and dislocated arm, and on the other under a peridural for the removal of a pilonidal cyst directy above my tailbone (not nice).

    I'll tell you straight away the general anesthesia was MUCH worse. I was about 12 at the time, and it was all pretty smooth throughout. Don't try to cheat while fasting, otherwise you'll almost certainly throw up. I stayed under observation for about two days, and it was worth it. When I was told I could walk, I went to the bathroom with some help from a nurse to take a bath (or at least rinse a little) and fainted (the only time in my life). I woke up a little later on the bed, still a little dazed. After that it was hard to keep food or drinks down, too. I'm absolutely certain it was the anaesthesia, since I was only on paracetamol and I have NEVER had ANY problem with that, and I have migraines once every two or three days (genetic thing).

    During the cyst operation, which happened in january of this year, the peridural was smooth. I was given something to make me sleepy, since I told the anaesthesiologist it would be boring and I'd be annoying him with questions about how everything was going "down there". I could "walk" fine after I laid on my gurney for a couple of hours, though you have to remember that a surgeon had just removed all the tissue above my tailbone. First time I had ever seen a nurse I deemed "hot as hell".

    Anyway, yeah. Good times. Oh, and both were IV. According to my father, who is a surgeon himself, gas is hardly used nowadays, and the main reason for it to be used is if the person does NOT want needles. If its general, you'll probably be woozly later and feel light-headed, although it might be local for you, I'm not sure. It seems scary to be awake while someone is cutting you with a scalpel, but you really feel nothing at all. For kicks, get someone to film you when you wake up, it can get really funny. :p

    P.S. First post, yay.

    iphone 5 verizon specs. It appears iPhone#39;s verizon
  • It appears iPhone#39;s verizon

  • Ugg
    Mar 26, 08:26 PM
    For a short while, maybe a year or so, and the effect was pronounced, for those of us who use London buses. The mayor rolled it back from the central/western areas recently and long-term impact studies seem a little scarce in terms of car driver numbers. The carrot was also introducing cheaper bus and tube fares by means of the Oyster Card, a card with an RFID chip in it to speed passenger boarding with pre-paid tickets.

    Using a bus in the UK, or London at least, doesn't quite have the same stigma it seems to have with some people in the US... although the distances involved are probably shorter than perhaps the average US commute.

    NYC and San Francisco have toyed with the ideas but so far nothing has come of it. It takes a strong political will to make it happen I'm sure. In the end though, I can hardly see any other viable options for large cities.

    This question is always asked on Canadian vehicle insurance applications, but everyone lies.

    Same thing with the "do you use your vehicle to drive to and from work"?

    Lies, all lies. ;)

    But, I do favour users fees.

    If gas taxes don't cover that in the age of the electric car, then we have GPS in cars to record, and report when prompted, mileage driven.

    Of course, the same happens here and there's no way of verifying the facts. However, I'm sure there are statistics out there that tell us if people who drive lots, whether for commuting or for work, are more liable to have insurance claims.

    Some companies have introduced "black boxes" for cars in return for lower rates. ZipCar has them on their rental cars and they know exactly when and where anyone is and how much they've driven them and how fast, etc. Such a device is the only realistic way of measuring usage but it will inevitably lead to loss of privacy.


    iphone 5 verizon specs. verizon white iphone 5.
  • verizon white iphone 5.

  • My1stMacWasLisa
    Nov 21, 08:32 AM
    Never said I was Gandhi. My point is valid nonetheless.

    There is only a finite amount of water available within the Earth ecosystem an only a percentage of that is available for drinking at any given time. A far greater volume is used for agriculture to grow food for human consumption.

    We could all sell our iPhones and Macs right now and donate the cash to a charity of your nomination but it wouldn't change the volume of water available within the Earth ecosystem.

    The problem isn't wasteful spending of money. The problem is that Earth does not have enough water to support 7 billion human mouths.

    Are these white iPhones genuine. Thought Foxconn would just eliminate employees who stole.

    iphone 5 verizon specs. Top 4 rumors for iPhone 5
  • Top 4 rumors for iPhone 5

  • chrono1081
    Apr 11, 08:33 PM
    Haha, spoiled Americans ;)
    Cheapest in my town, Gothenburg, Sweden, is $8,5 per gallon...

    Agreed we are spoiled. Unfortunately the U.S. has a horrible infrastructure as far as public transportation and such so many people live far from their jobs and have to drive everywhere.

    I remember in New Zealand paying $4 something per liter :eek:

    Here where I live at the Sheetz gas stations its $3.75.


    iphone 5 verizon specs. verizon iphone 5 features.
  • verizon iphone 5 features.

  • spazzcat
    Aug 19, 08:49 PM
    It's working here in Cleveland, Ohio

    iphone 5 verizon specs. Verizon iPhone 4 Main Header
  • Verizon iPhone 4 Main Header

  • eobet
    May 23, 04:11 PM
    Can anyone see any difference between medium and high/ultra settings?

    I have the latest MBP and apart from a small amount of glow here and there, I see no difference.


    iphone 5 verizon specs. April Fool#39;s Joke: Verizon
  • April Fool#39;s Joke: Verizon

  • MacRumorUser
    Mar 27, 03:30 PM
    So did any of you in the US get your 3DS and what are your feelings about it ? Do you share similar thoughts as I have expressed ? :)

    iphone 5 verizon specs. white iphone 5 verizon.
  • white iphone 5 verizon.

  • shawnce
    Nov 21, 04:36 PM
    Hate to say it but the website sure makes the company and product to be a bunch of BS... they make a lot of claims with little to back them up.

    They may have a real and useful product but... man they could present it in a much better way.


    iphone 5 verizon specs. iphone 5 release date
  • iphone 5 release date

  • -SD-
    Apr 12, 03:50 PM
    It was announced, ... that with SP1, contacts, calendar and notes can now be synced through iTunes. BUT it doesn't! Anyone know what happened?

    It does. You need to go into Tools --> Synch Services and enable calendar sync. I then restarted Outlook and iTunes, synced my iPhone (Info --> Advanced --> Replace info on this iPhone) and everything was there when I went into the calendar.


    EDIT: It also keeps the category colours from Outlook which is awesome, as Entourage never managed to do this.

    iphone 5 verizon specs. the white iPhone 4 has a
  • the white iPhone 4 has a

  • ct2k7
    Apr 22, 09:40 PM
    All this Mac vs PC subjective stereotyping is useless. [Cumulative] correlation does not mean causation.


    iphone 5 verizon specs. iPhone 5 Review amp; Specs:
  • iPhone 5 Review amp; Specs:

  • ECUpirate44
    Feb 18, 10:32 AM
    I could sit outside a Palo Alto cancer treatment center with a camera and produce a dozen, faceless shots of thin, old white men in jeans every day.

    +1. To speculate about that picture is ridiculous.

    iphone 5 verizon specs. Technical Specs: 4.5 in height
  • Technical Specs: 4.5 in height

  • Tehy
    Oct 30, 09:20 AM
    Finally! maybe I should now get the .mac, hmm...

    iphone 5 verizon specs. Verizon iPhone may have 4G LTE
  • Verizon iPhone may have 4G LTE

  • LaazyEye
    Apr 5, 06:46 PM
    can you please explain to me (or provide a link where it's explained) the benefits of using a 30 pin connector in comparison to a usb port? is it maybe so that apple can sell more adaptors? (i'm not sarcastic on this one, i'd really like to know)

    It's so you can have analog and digital audio and video, remote control commands, and various types of protocols coming out of one port. All the user needs to do is buy the one they need.


    look at all the things one port can do.

    Feb 26, 09:16 PM
    Here we go kids!! Expect lot's of grandstanding and some real knee jerk legislation cause this IS the year to gear up for the big election. I wish someone would inform people that it's their responsibility to be informed consumers AND parents. My kid racked up $380 in cell downloads in one month. I didn't need my senator to step in. I took away her phone for a month, blocked her ability to purchase ANYTHING on it, and worked out the bill with my provider (AT&T) who practically wiped it all away. This is just going to burden us with more laws and subsequently, more taxes in the form of direct taxation of products, indirect taxes by way of price hikes due to a rise in business tax, or BOTH.

    Wow some semi-competent parenting here quality bravo that's something America needs more widespread these days, well at least around here. Break your iPhone? No problem dady's an Anesthesiologist mom's a lawyer just by you a new one! Crash your birthday gift an Audi S4 into a telephone pole while screwing around? No problem momy's best friends with the town judge! (yes true stories). Ranting aside this is so rediculous. This would be like if the FCC was called in to monitor how files are transfered around my home network, aka something pity that should be left to these things we call parents. BTW putting a credit card into a kids iPhone is the dumbest idea in the world. You can teach them the value of a dollar if instead you give them an iTunes card and tell them its the only one there getting for X amount of time.

    Nov 14, 08:42 AM
    Well, the only airline I remember which had seat-back displays for all passengers was WestJet. I just flew United and the smaller planes didn't even have an in-house audio system, let alone video.

    But this is a great idea.

    (Side note: Having listened to it for the first time on this flight, I really appreciate airlines that put the air traffic control traffic on one of the audio channels. It was neat -- and somewhat comforting -- to know exactly what my pilot was doing up there.)

    Sep 19, 10:38 AM
    well, i'll agree with the majority that say it doesn't seem too hopeful. however i'll also say.... what do you have to lose? i don't know of a "best" approach, but it seems ideally that you go in there to buy something, she's there.... you get her to help or at least not run away. and after you buy something (or at least prove interest in the store besides seeing her), you ask her if she'd like to hang out sometime.... preferably in the course of a conversation, but worst case, get your questions answered and move on.

    my brother asked two girls out who we saw in mall stores... he was 50%. worth a shot!

    Oct 7, 01:31 AM
    i dont know if it was posted yet but god please put out an iphone with a physical keyboard.

    IMHO, adding a physical keyboard will most likely add thickness to the iPhone device & that goes against what Apple are doing. I could be wrong but it seems that one of Apple's main design focus has been to get thinner & thinner with each new revision of the product line. Therefore, I think that Apple will "unfortunately" not be adding a physical keyboard to the iPhone design anytime in the near future. :o

    Xian Zhu Xuande
    Apr 5, 10:32 AM
    It's not ready for the masses yet, but if you know even the slightest about tech (in its use, not in more technical aspects), it *really* is a superior device at the moment.
    How does knowing something about tech make it a superior device? Are you basing it on something like a feature list? It is a highly inferior device because it is an inferior means of accomplishing the vast majority of tablet-related tasks as compared to the iPad. I'm not knocking Android by any means—it will continue to evolve and tablet offerings will improve—but in the tablet world it trails a considerable distance behind iOS and that is what matters most.

    CR is obsolete.
    By no means. They're just struggling to evolve with the products they review. I agree that they're poorly suited to review some of these more technical devices and I think their methodology renders many such reviews released by them fairly useless, but they serve a valuable purpose, it would be a shame to see this type of service go away, and I can't see how they've become obsolete to many folks out there.

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