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The 90's Fashion

1990's Fashion
The 90's fashion era was also referred to as “anti-fashion”, but in reality “anti-fashion” was only one of the many trends in fashion of the 90's.
The 90's was also characterized by minimalist styles, many over lapping and often contradictory trends.

The early 90's fashion significantly gave way to the rise of grunge fashion but in the latter part of it, many have moved away from grunge. Most of the population was still on the hang of the later years of fashion style(e.g. Styles from 60's and 70's).

90's look

Remnants from the 80's were still existing, like the famous shoulder pads which the ladies of the 80's truly adore, the mini-skirts(I have no comment on this one).

The 90's offer a lot of new and exciting trends, here are some of it:

The Long Line Jacket
long line jacket


Classic Blazer
classic blazer

Petticoat Dresses
petticoat dresspetticoat dress

In the mid-90's, Chinese cheongsam dresses and rich dress or interior brocade fabrics came out and become another addition to the fashion trend of 90's right after the handing over of Hong Kong from the British Colony.

chinese cheongsam dress


Long Cardigan coats
long cardigan coat

Coming Up Accessories, MakeUps and Hairstyles
coming up...

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Tribal Prints

junya watanabe tribal print dress
Junya Watanabe - Spring Summer 09

roberto cavalli tribal printed dress Roberto Cavalli - Spring Summer 09

vivienne westwood red label tribal print Vivienne Westwood Red Label Spring Summer 09

pictures from http://www.style.com/

This spring and summer, designers have taken inspiration from traditional African prints and patterns for a striking and stylish look. The palette of colours includes rich earthy tones, greens and yellows with lighter neutrals. The key to this look is keeping it soft. Chiffons and silks work well and drape beautifully. Opt for floor skimming dresses and assymetrical lines for a really feminine take on this trend.

Accessorise with African inspired pieces. Look for intricate beading, feathers, pendants and charms. Bright, earthy and copper coloured accessories will also look great with this trend.

sunny meadow art glass choker

This Sunny Meadows Art Glass Choker will look amazing with a print that includes greens or oranges.

copper jah bird earringsThese Copper Jah Bird Earrings will go perfectly with the red and orange tones in an African inspired print.
red orange leather oval handbagThis handcrafted leather bag will compliment the earthy tones of an African inspired print perfectly. The intricate stitching and detail will addsome exotic character to any outfit.

Visit www.thesymphony-life.com for a whole range of beautiful and unique handcrafted accessories.

Live Life to the Max

Maxi dresses are back again for spring summer 09 and I can't wait. The maxi dress is the piece of clothing that most symbolises long, warm, relaxed summer days and sunny garden parties. They are great for adding a bit of glamour for day or evening. If you are tall, there is no shortage of maxi dresses that will look amazing on you.

You can wear a maxi dress with flat shoes or sandals for an easy to wear but stylish outfit. For shorter people or petites, the maxi style can be a bit more tricky, but can still look great. Look for a style of maxi dress that is not too full in the skirt and wear with chunky wedge heels for a look that will lengthen your body.

The maxi dress is a very feminine style but can also be used to create a boho, folk or seventies inspired outfit by accessorising with a fringed bag and lots of chunky bangles.

By Malene Birger Grape Print Maxi Dress - this dress just radiates style. It will look amazing for summer teamed with these Bronze Leather Sandals.

This romantic Rene Dehry Dress has beading under the bust and straps that crossover at the back. It would be perfect for a Valentines night with the man you love. This Copper and Brass Humming Bird Pendant will really complete the look.

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Are You Camera Ready? - Fashion Tips on Always Looking Your Best

Here are 7 fashion tips on always being camera ready:

Plan your attire each week. You can select one trouser and 5 different tops and blouses. Or you can decide to be versatile and alternate between a dress, a skirt or trousers with interchanging top or blouses. When you plan what you are going to wear suddenly you dig out of your wardrobe clothes you have not worn in ages and you are able to match it up with something you never thought of wearing it with before.

When putting together new outfits,try them on the night before to ensure that it works. Nothing is more disorienting than discovering that your planned outfit does not look as smashing as you thought. Other than delaying you, this simply panics you into grabbing the first thing you can put your hand on.

Find at least 4 different looks for the same top or trousers by wearing different fashion accessories, coats", jackets etc. When you can do this well, suddenly you find that -less is more- and that you do not need tonnes of clothes to dress well, just key quality pieces.

Invest in some statement jewellery which transforms simple clothing into glamorous looks. Handcrafted jewellery pieces are a must as they are usually unique jewellery pieces and sometimes one of a kind.

Head scarves and hair accessories are so important on those bad hair days. The trick is to have many headscarves so that you can find one that will compliment an outfit. Go for a mixture of plain coloured, multi coloured, patterned, striped, polkadots etc.

Use the winter sales to stock up on Tightsplease. Not just your traditional grey and black but get some funky tights with some funky colours and patterns. This will give you more versatility in planning your wardrobe as you can now include skirts and dresses in your weekly ensemble.

Nourish your hair and skin on a daily basis to attain naturally better skin and hair. It is all well and good to use external products but nourishing our bodies from the inside results in less extensive outer body work. Supplements such as aloe vera gel and royal jelly tablets go a long way in improving skin elasticity and hair condition. When we are healthy from the inside it shows on the outside.

So be camera ready and take advantage of spontaneous, spur of the moment opportunities that come your way. Looking good makes you feel good.

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Sale Clearance at Littlewoods

Hurry and take advantage of Littlewoods clearance sale with up to 80% on selected items. This Trinny and Susannah silk dress is now only £27.00 down from £89.00

The neckline on this beautiful dress will flatter bigger-boobed women while the skirt area sweeps over big thighs. Don't miss out ..... Hurry while stocks lasts.

A Look Back - 80's Fashion - Make Ups

Every decade has its own style, and the 80s really had its own. From miniskirts to parachute pants and everything in between, something really went awry with our fashion sense during that decade. Make up was no exception.

designer clothing ralph lauren
This is the look of the 80's.

Eyes and Cheeks
First and foremost there was just way too much of it. The girls of the decade literally “painted” their faces on. The two defining makeup elements in the 80s face were bold eyes and blush meant to accentuate the cheek bones. You can notice the heavy application of eye shadow and too much of blush, this makes you look better in the 80's. If your face didn’t look halfway clownish, you hadn't quite achieved the look yet.

designer clothes online
Cyndi Lauper, has a lot of great elements to point out, relating to makeup as well as 80s fashion in general. Notice the very heavy use of bright pink blush in combination with the heavy eyeliner and orange eyeshadow. On the fashion side, she's got the top over the shoulder thing going, lots of bangles and even a black lace fingerless glove on her right hand. On the hair side, she has the big, teased and off to one side do down pat.

designer clothing
There were tons of eye shadow colors in heavy use throughout the 80s, but the color most associated with the decade is the god-awful electric blue stuff. What in the world were we thinking? The eyeliner, in particular, was worn in abundance and on the inside. Surely you remember gently pulling the bottom of your eye down to achieve the most complete coverage. Nothing says 80s valley vixen like tons of blue or teal eyeliner rimming the inside of your eyes. Bright blue eye shadow along with a bold secondary color, heavy eyeliner, colored mascara – let’s just say it was the complete opposite of the “natural” look that’s so popular today.

ralph laurenTalking about the eye makeup, let’s discuss an alternate use we found for eyeliner in the eighties. Before the 80s, having a mole wasn’t something to be proud of. Then we fell in love with Madonna and suddenly everyone wanted one. Ain't got them? Not a problem. Buy a stick-on or simply draw one on with brown eyeliner. Did it look good? Heck no! But come on, it was the 80s! Our totally bodacious babe shown above demonstrates both an excellent example of a blue and orange eye shadow palate along with the faux eyeliner-based facial mole.

Thanks to LikeTotally80s.com
Next issue would be "The 90's"

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Don't let the credit crunch cramp your style

It is easy to get caught up in all the feelings of doom and gloom with twenty four hour news coverage reporting on all the woes of the world's finances. Whilst most people will be watching their spending a bit more carefully, now is not a time to let it all go when it comes to style. Fashion costs money, style does not. There is no need to wear the latest style of designer clothes. As long as you clothes fit you well and suit your shape and colouring, you can look and feel great.

All you need to do is go through your wardrobe and identify all the clothes that really suit you and make you feel good. Clothes that do not fit properly or don't make you feel one hundred percent can be either swapped at a swishing party or sold online at eBay or another similar site. Once you have some lovely well fitting basics, you can update your wardrobe with a few new accessories each season for a fresh look.

jaded desire necklace This jaded desire necklace will look great and give a whole new lease of life to a grey, white or khaki summer top with jeans or a denim skirt.

hibiscus leather necklace This Hibiscus necklace will instantly add feminine charm to a summer shift dress. For a really quirky look, you try combining with a pale lavender coloured dress or bright pink.
earth colour necklace
This Raku Teardrop necklace will look great with a printed summer dress in earthy tones.

Designer Handbag Sale at Me Me Me

Say hello to spring with this designer handbag. This gorgeous, soft yellow, lambskin, designer handbag by Loyd Maish is a simple and stylish shoulder bag.

What a cheery bag to lift your spirits not only because of its colour but because it is reduced. This perky handbag is just one of the designer bags on sale at Me Me Me . Take advantage of their Free Delivery offer in the lead up to Valentine'd Day.

If you love designer handbags then you'll love Me Me Me Jewellery and Accessories

Me Me Me - Click here!

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In the Pink

Bright pink is emerging as one of the must have colours for spring summer 09. It is a happy, flamboyant and energising colour and there are many variations to suit most hair colours and skin tones. If you want to wear bright pink for maximum effect, a dress is the only way to go. It will really get you noticed and you can be sure that no one ignore you. On the catwalks, bright pink was teamed with tangerine orange for a really juicy combination. You could also try teaming bright pink with a neutral or beige colour for a slightly toned down effect.

Bright pink looks amazing with beading or embellishment for an evening dress. Opt for a bubblegum pink for a feminine girly look and deeper more purple tones for a more exotic and tropical look.

Richard Nicholl - Spring Summer 09 - a minimalist look using bright pink with accents of orange and light pink.

bright pink dress luella Luella - Spring Summer 09 - a very feminine bright pink combined with lavender coloured lace

bright pink Max Mara Max Mara - Spring Summer 09 - a bright pink satin jumpsuit is the ultimate in luxury.

bright pink satin oasis dress
I love this high street version of the catwalk look - Pink satin Oasis dress . It would look great teamed with a simple, elegant and contemporary style of necklace like this Lily necklace.

An Evening Bag for Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama got it right again with this fabulous inauguration day dress. The first lady stepped out in style wearing one of this season’s spring 2009 colour - yellow- with sequins in an outfit by designer Isabel Toledo. Note the accent of red (red tie) worn by President Barack Obama. Red is always a great colour for a photo opportunity.

Picture from http://www.telegraph.co.uk/

If we had to accessorize this outfit with a clutch purse, I would go for this chic and modern, dazzling evening bag designed by Shikha Singh. This elongated clutch is crafted from a golden fabric with a leather finish. The flap is covered with faceted beads, each one stitched by hand. An inner pocket completes the purse. This clutch entitled "A Graceful Era" is available online from Novica.

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Michelle Obama wears red

Recently we have been blogging about colour and fashion. In our blog entitled “Improve your mood with colour” I said and I quote,

“I love colour, I celebrate colour …. And it is a perfect way to differentiate yourself from the crowd. For instance red is the colour of love, it celebrates passion and intensity. But red is not a colour only to be worn on Valentine’s Day or at Christmas time. Red clothing gets you noticed as it is an energetic colour. Publicists will usually advise their clients to wear some accent of red when taking a photo as it helps you to stand out.

photo from http://www.telegraph.co.uk

A picture they say paints a thousand words and Michelle Obama says it all pictured here in her red dress. I don’t know about you but when I look at the picture all I see is Michelle. So take a cue from the first lady and introduce some colour into your wardrobe.

Complete the look with these handcrafted Fire Earrings from designer Mana Bernandes creatively made using nylon strips and accentuated with pearls.

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The perfect fit bra

As a child my mother always insisted I wear proper underwear when leaving the house. Her premise was that if you suddenly fell ill or had an accident and had to be hospitalized you do not want to be seen wearing old, stretchy, sagging underwear or ill-fitting bras.

While my mother had a point … nowadays underwear is my airbrushing technique as I have learnt from experiences that ill-fitted bras and inappropriate knickers can emphasize many imperfections. I do not know about you, but at my stage of life I am looking to hide imperfections. For me the perfect bra and knickers has become a key fashion accessory (like my jewellery and handbag) when putting an outfit together as depending on your shape and size the wrong underwear can literally kill an outfit.

For big boobed women like myself it is not easy to find the perfect fit bra which is at the same time sexy and alluring. So when I discovered Bravissimo I could not believe my luck. Bravissimo provides a wide choice of lingerie and swimwear in D-K cup, as well as clothing designed especially for big boobed women so that they can celebrate their curves and feel good about themselves! I found their strappy tops with the built in bra to be a dream as most strappy tops with built in bras did not provide me with the support I needed. But don’t take my word for it ....... try it and let me know what you think.

Jewelled Halterneck Top

Eleanor Bra by Freya

Bell Sleeve Jersey Dress

Spring Summer 09 - Block Colours Trend

Another post about bright colours! You just can't get away from them for spring summer 09. One of my favourite trends on the catwalk was the block colour trend. It was almost as if it was inspired by fun and flamboyant children's wear. With combinations of primary colours and other juicy colours in bold blocks, the outfits for spring and summer this year exude energy and flamboyancy.

The brightness of the colours were balanced with simplicity and minimalism in the styles of clothes. This look is just so easy to do. Highlight your favourite areas of the body with the brightest colours and combine different coloured jersey separates for a fun and fresh take on this trend.

Alexander Wang - laid back separates in sugary pink and oranges make this outfit perfect for a girl that likes to stand out from the crowd in the right way.

Josh Goot - I love the green capelet and the way this whole outfit says laid back chic but in a very energetic way.

Valentino - A slightly more subtle version of this trend was created by combining purple and blue satin, an amazing look for the evening.

pictures from http://www.style.com/

This look needs minimal accessories as the colours of the clothes speak for themselves. I love this 'you're something for me' necklace would be the ideal accessory to go with a bright colour block outfit.

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Improve your mood with colour

The colours that we wear can influence how we feel and how we are perceived by others. I like wearing bold colours in winter as it cheers me up and distracts me from the perpetual cold grey sky. During winter I continuously dress my daughter in combination hues of bright blues and yellows, pink and red and she never fails to brighten a room and have perfect strangers compliment her on her outfit. Just last week she went to a birthday party and I matched her up in a multicoloured polkadot dress with lime green tights and a dark aqua turtleneck which were two accent colours from the dress. She was warm but cheerful on a dreary winter afternoon and many mums complimented me on her outfit.

I recently bought her a multicoloured striped coat which has the same effect on people. Last Saturday her dance teacher could not stop talking about the coat and that same day as I walked in the room with her to drop my son off for his drama class, the drama teacher was simply drawn to her.

I love colour, I celebrate colour …. And it is a perfect way to differentiate yourself from the crowd. For instance red is the colour of love, it celebrates passion and intensity. But red is not a colour only to be worn on Valentine’s Day or at Christmas time. Red clothing gets you noticed as it is an energetic colour. Publicists will usually advise their clients to wear some accent of red when taking a photo as it helps you to stand out.

Next time you are stepping out to dinner wear a red evening dress and see the reactions you get.

Let the next coat you invest in be a red coat and remember to get a pair of Red Shoes. But please do not wear them all at the same time.

Tommy Hilfiger short trench coat

Tommy Hilfiger red corduroy blazer

Eco Shoes from Terra Plana

If a total red evening dress or coat is too intimidating for you then go for accents of red like a scarf, a belt, a funky handbag, red necklace or polka dot ring. Wear your red shoes with a pair of jeans and tie it in with another red fashion accessory like a red hibiscus necklace.

Fashion Accessories from Munique Fashions.

Fashion accessories are a clever way of introducing colour into your wardrobe as you build up the confidence to splash out in colour.

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