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  • Alex Hobbs
    Mar 28, 06:15 PM
    It sold out in 8 days last year. If you are planning on going DO NOT hesitate on getting the tickets.

    It's sold out already!

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  • AppliedMicro
    Jun 21, 05:13 PM
    I think a lot of people in here are also looking over the fact that the card reader is on the USB bus.
    Where did you get that info from? :confused:

    I do not think it's on the USB bus. Evidence: while the card reader does not show up in USB tree in System Profiler whatsoever - even though other internal peripherals, namely Bluetooth controller & Infrared receiver do! - System Profiler provides two very interesting lines for the "card reader":

    "Link width: 1x
    Maximum speed*: 2.5 GT/s"

    This strongly suggests the card reader being connected via PCIe. So the speed may, in practical terms, not be limited by the bus at all. Time - and faster SD cards - should eventually tell how fast it can go.

    * or something alike. I cannot look it up right now as my currently booted OS doesn't recognize it at all.

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  • Old Muley
    May 5, 11:06 AM
    Move along citizens, nothing new to see here...

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  • Sodner
    May 5, 01:47 PM
    I agree that both OS's are good and in many cases a less expensive baseline Windows PC can adequately meet the needs of most users.

    But this line of advertising really misses the mark with me. As someone else said ,it's like comparing a Rolls-Royce and a Subaru. Both are "cars" with engines, and tires and a steering wheel but are not really the same at all. Microsoft simply throwing up a few PC's that are near the spec's of a Mac, really does not tell the whole story.

    Besides shouldn't HP, Gateway, Acer or Dell be running this add about HARDWARE and not Microsoft?


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  • Interstella5555
    Feb 24, 10:22 PM
    ...or Apple could allow returns, like every "normal" store.

    No normal store allows software returns. Nice try though.

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  • wacky4alanis
    Jan 7, 03:19 PM
    What are people mainly using the Push for? I certainly wouldn't want to be updated every time one of my friends posts on Facebook... I know there are different settings - just wondering what kind of updates people use this for.


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  • Billy Boo Bob
    Feb 25, 11:18 PM
    I assume that means you could go back and start over on that machine though if you wanted
    Sure, like any "Wipe out / Restore"...

    Maybe... Just "maybe", you might be able to re-run the installer like an upgrade to do it so long as you haven't yet updated to a 10.7.x, where x > 0 (or whatever version you started with later on). But don't be surprised if that's not even possible.

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  • thelatinist
    Dec 27, 08:53 PM
    Also you would have to say the Consumerist (well-respected blog) is lying and AT&T isn't. Do you really believe that? The original reason the Consumerist went after this story was that people were having this problem and they initiated their own investigation.

    No, I said and say nothing of the sort. What I said is that it sounds like the Counsumerist talked to a call center employee who didn't know what was actually going on. The Consumerist was not lying, nor was AT&T lying; the call center employee wasn't even lying...s/he was just talking out of his or her ass. Call center employees are underpaid and under-trained, and half the time I think they're just trying to BS their way through the day. It has happened many times before that a low-level employee who is not even close to the loop has said something that has to be walked back by management. Always such things become gospel and remain fodder for conspiracy theorists. This strikes me as one of those cases.


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  • HoosierInFL
    Apr 28, 09:58 PM
    The only thing that will make me replace my current MBA is if the new model has a backlit keyboard. I greatly miss this feature.

    Other than that, better battery life would be great.

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  • erictheb
    Nov 12, 12:43 AM
    Anyway, in the virus one, the second to last line should start:

    sore de



    trying Unicode this time.


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  • feszty
    Apr 17, 09:51 AM
    So he won the price and apple re-invited him. But what about the other hundreds of developers who are banned from the App store with no clear explanation why they were rejected? I like this 1984 reference in the previous comments, I couldn't agree more. Looks like it is time for change.
    As for the artist, he is not showing too much artistic integrity. He has been rejected on BS reasons, calling his art ridiculous, then he resubmits immediately. He should have stood up agains the AppNazi and tell them to shove their censorship up their butts.

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  • MacFly123
    Feb 18, 06:44 PM
    How much money round that table??!!

    That's a lot of money in one room! :eek::eek:

    Haha, that's what I was thinking! :D Very powerful and influential people around that table. Kind of odd and surreal! They are just normal people.

    He doesn't look anywhere near as bad as he did in those "genuine" photographs from a certain news organisation. :rolleyes:

    I can't seem to find those pics. Did they publish them? Do you have a link?

    Notice Steve is the only guy without wine?

    He is undergoing treatment for cancer.
    What is so strange about him not drinking alcohol?

    Actually, there are just two guys with Wine in the whole room, they all have water or something like that... (Check out the big flickr pic from the previous poster)

    Yes it looks like there are other people with water but does Steve drink? I don't think he does. :confused:

    Everyone is dressed up but Steve....awesome.

    He did wear a tux to the oscars at least.

    Ya it was weird seeing Steve in a tux or anything but his standard uniform haha! :D

    I would honestly love to see his closet lol! Probably like Earnest... Nothing but black turtle necks, Levis jeans, and NewBalance sneakers haha! :p

    [SIZE=1]Get better for the sake of mankind, mr jobs!

    No kidding! Please Steve! :(

    Good to see that's Steve is still well enough to attend such things. Still very thin mind you.

    Yes, for sure!


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  • tvguru
    Sep 25, 10:35 AM
    Hey guys, is there any place to get a demo of aperature?

    I have a beta version of lightbox, and I was wanting to check out aperature.

    There is no demo of Aperture.

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  • kalun
    Oct 10, 07:19 PM
    Um...right..another rumour.

    I still remember back in August, a Chinese magazine says merom Macbook/Pro will be upgraded in September. And where is it now?

    And then there was another rumour that there is a shipment of laptops. And where is it now?

    There were also another rumour that merom laptops will be upgraded by the end of August, and will be announce on the same day as dell/sony/... etc. And where is merom macbook/pro now?

    All I am trying to say is, the accuracy of these report is very low, and if anyone is putting high hopes in it, be prepare to be disappointed....I think, however, apple will upgrade macbook pro before holiday seasons, and macbook in January.


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  • bcsmith
    Sep 25, 11:16 PM
    The only thing that I'm skeptical about this whole thing is that the actual cease and desist letter has not been published. All we have are a few people claiming that Apple has slapped them with a letter and the "poor us" act. Once I see the letter I'll be more apt to believe these claims, until then I think that they are just trying to drum up hits on their sites...

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  • mingoglia
    Apr 16, 03:48 PM
    I'm not a developer and have no idea what their policies are but will say I think it's a bit lame to have that double standard. If I was the cartoonist I wouldn't have resubmitted it. Or if I did it would have been a cartoon mocking the double standard of Apple.... I'd then blog about the whole experience. :D


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  • campingsk8er
    Mar 13, 12:31 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_6 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8E200 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Mine went an hour back on Saturday morning. :/. But as soon as I even clicked date & date it fixed it back

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  • Bennieboy�
    Apr 18, 06:55 AM
    ok mines turned on :D ps3 will start the night shift tonight :D

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  • bartolo5
    Jun 18, 04:08 AM
    This is easily the most factually complete and correct post in this thread. Kudos!

    Why did/do we even have dual/tri-band GSM phones or HSPA phones that don't do AWS - especially now in 2010? Is it antenna design? Is it the extra analog front ends needed? Is it just product market segmentation?

    Yes, for every band supported in the phone there needs to be an analog amplifier between the antenna and the RF modem. There are also antenna issues. Antennas have to be designed to be tuned to the specific bands, so if you have a pentaband antenna things can get quite tricky. I am an EE although my antenna design skills are quite rusty, it would seem that 850/900 and 1800/1900 should be easy to implement given that a) grouped together they are closed enough bands, and b) they lie in two groups of frequencies that are multiple exactly by 2, giving you an antenna that has to be exactly half of the wavelength and making it easier to design an antenna with a form that resonates on both frequencies. If you throw 2100Mhz things get complicated and if if you add 1700 even more so.

    Whatever it is, the frequency bands supported by the phone are not trivial to implement and they are a technical challenge. That's why many times you get different versions of the same phone for different markets with different supported bands. If it was easy to just one phone for all they would do it.

    Sep 15, 11:34 AM
    Originally posted by scem0

    I dont see how anyone can say this when I can get a 2.8 GHz custom built speed-demon for 1,300 after shopping around, and I cant get **** from apple for 1,300. Well I could get something, but nothing that compares speed-wise to the pentium 4.

    What I meant was for $1899 you get a very fast well built Mac that with the new Os will allow you go right to work, with a DVD burner, a software you can do REAL work with! Oh Yeah and the new Macs With X.2 are now truly twice a fast, at least in my tests with real work. Point me to ANY PC with included great software, a DVD burner, and awesome case, gig ethernet, an included firewire setup that works with drives and cameras for even $1699! I'm not talking a custom built pccee with a cheapo box, thats not the same thing. If you think it is then you haven't been doing real work, you're surfing the net and playing games something that the Imac or emac excells at for less money,peace

    Jan 4, 01:19 PM
    i can't comment on the USA, but in the UK the data coverage can vary substantially. The best voice network is not always the best data network. O2 for example have a good voice network in the UK, but are by far the worst for 3G coverage.

    I can't see how this type of set up could work for people who rely on GPS on a daily basis, weekend travellers maybe, but not people who rely on GPS for their jobs

    If you drive for work, there is a good chance you drive in the same areas, I can't see this app not caching maps.

    Jun 14, 10:02 AM
    depends on who you are. my bill with 500 more minutes and rollover, 1500 text and unlimited data is only $7 more than yours. of course I have had my voice plan for almost 8 years

    and tmobile is simply awful

    Only your [minority] opinion. I have been a customer of T-Mo for more than a decade, and I have no complaints except coverage in remote areas (which might be alleviated only with a satellite phone). My 1,000 family minutes and 4 phones and 2 datas cost $177/month, btw.

    Sep 27, 07:08 PM
    My friend had nothing but problems with his G5. The computer was constantly in for repairs and would spew out kernal-panics often. It ended up being a bad memory module, which was undetectable even with an extensive hardware test. The only reason he figure it out, is because he had lowned the additional RAM to a mutual friend while his G5 was in the shop for the last time.


    Yes, that might be it. It is the only thing that hasn't been replaced. The Apple memory has been replaced but not the third party RAM, I'll exchange for a new ones.
    Thanks for the input.

    Nov 12, 08:18 PM
    If they told you what she was saying, then you still could not understand it.

    That was a stirring reply, Eastend. And while it's true that all answers are replies, not all replies are answers.

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