Minggu, 29 Juni 2008

Celebrity Style Profile:Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller's style can be described in one word:effortless.Some celebs who will remain nameless try a wee bit too hard to be a "style icon".While,all Miss Sienna has to is throw on a casual outfit and make it her own.Her look is heavily influenced by the boho-hippie culture.So there's a lot of beads,fringes,necklaces,quirky hats,long chained bags,color and RayBan wayfarers!!!

Get Inspired by...

Showgirls meets West Side Story meets Grease.
Via http://styledigger.blogspot.com/


J' adore Zac Posen.


Zac Posen's 2009 Resort Collection was full of spring trends i.e florals,sheer fabrics,maxi dresses,gladiators and pastels.Most of his 150 looks were dresses but they never ceased to amaze.When I first saw his collection,I just wanted to say its socuteomgzilikethat. Of course I gathered my drool and picked out some of my faves.Just for you.





Look no.2 is my favorite.All white.Crisp.Highwaisted.Perfect combo?

Do you have what it takes?...

To be girl of the week?!

Answer these following questions:

Where are you from:_________________
Describe your style in three words:_______________
Quote to Live by:________________________
Fashion is...._________________
Your style inspiration/icon___________________
Your favorite piece is...___________
What are your TOP 3 spring/summer must haves?___________
Any shout-outs?___________________________

Send in all submissions to: rawmystery@aim.com w/the subject headline-ITF

Kamis, 26 Juni 2008

Talk of the Town: Gossip Girl filming in Port Washington,NY

I had to put this pic up!

Leighton Meester[Blair Waldorf]and Blake Lively[Serena Van Der Woodsen] give the locals something to talk about while on location in Port Washington, N.Y., to shoot Gossip Girl on Wednesday.

How cute are they? and the outfits-very bright,short and romantic.


Thursday Playlist: Boys Week pt.2

Beer-Reel Big Fish

Gimmer Shelter-Rolling Stones

Yellow-Coldplay :)

See the Sun-The Kooks

Want your number-Five O Clock Heroes(Love them!!!)

Rabu, 25 Juni 2008

Boys have style too.

At Milan Fashion Week Gucci scurried from late year's look of Boho King to a more sophisticated and elite gentleman(a la Chuck Bass?)

Frida Giannini cleansed the Gucci palette for spring/summer 2009 with a light, fresh collection filled with embroidered and striped suiting, open-weave knits and stand-out Hawaiian prints.

Imagine every shade of blue, creamy whites and hot pinks working harmoniously in an array of outfits.Your dream just come true with the Gucci Men Spring/Summer Collection.

Within a formal silhouette that stuck largely to a suit-shirt-skinny tie-super sized leather tote formula, it was colour and print that added the typically cheeky Gucci wink.
Whether it was a leather bomber jacket,white jeans or funky rebellions it provided just the right amount of rock n roll rebellion.


Who wore it better?

Gossip Girl star Blake Lively wore a uber cute Rag& Bone tunic out on a date with bf Penn Badgley in NY.Well,a few days later C-list actress Cameron Diaz was spotted in the same tunic with some dude.

It's a hot date dress...apparently :-]

Who wore it better?
I'll have to go with Blake.She could look gorgeous and effortlessly chic in aluminum foil and duct tape.Her accessories are MUCH more coordinated than Cameron's.

Selasa, 24 Juni 2008

Trend Report: Floral Skirts

Floral skirts is the summer piece.It sets a feminine and girly tone that many designers have shown in their sprin/summer&resort collections.The Luella floral skirt has taken on many forms in affordable retail outlets like Forever 21 and H&M.

The floral skirts looks great with a v neck tee that's tucked in,opaque tights and gladiator wedges.Honestly, the floral skirt can be worn in countless ways.

Here's the famous Luella Skirt that debuted in Spring/Summer Collection:

Forever 21 has this bold floral print skirt for $17.80:

Delia's(I know,I know) has this look alike Luella skirt for $29.50:

Happy Shopping:-)

Senin, 23 Juni 2008

Discussion:What's your perfect summer outfit?

I finally decided to try out polyvore.com & I came up with this half ass outfit.
What do you think?
The straw fedora might be too much.
What's your perfect summer outfit?
I'm still thinking about mine.
Send pics&Share Ideas=]

Just for you: Beckham's Armani Ad

OK,I'll give you a minute to stop drooling.
THE David Beckham unveiled several larger than life Emporio Armani ads in Macy's Union Square in downtown San Francisco.

The pic above is the only one available at the moment.

Enjoy x

Jumat, 20 Juni 2008

The Girl of the week...


Name: Merily

Age: 14

Where are you from: Tallinn, Estonia

Describe your style in three words: Girly, classy, colorful

Quote to Live by: "A positive attitude may
not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth
the effort." ~Herm Albright

Fashion is.... showing your emotions through clothes and lifestyle.. Fashion is being innovative and being able to set the mood just by colors, textures or cut.

Your style inspiration/icon: History, colorful streets and definitely my granny.

Your favorite piece is...a really old scarf with sailorish print which, if I
remember correctly, belonged to my granny. And another thing that I love is
navy blue cardigan, which also belonged to my granny.

What are your TOP 3 spring/summer must haves? Colorful and cute floral dresses, gladiators and headbands.

What do you think about Merily's colorful and classic style?
Sound off x !
Congrats M=]

*Shout out to Fernada,thanks for being an awesome fan of ITF*


Kamis, 19 Juni 2008

Thursday Playlist: Boys week

In control-Five O Clock Heroes

After hours-We Are Scientists

Solo Impala- The Fashion

Just Drums-Tapes n Tapes

Pork and Beans-Weezer (They're back,yesssss!)

Get Inspired by...

'First Signs of Spring Shoot'(V magazine)


Photography:Mario Sorrenti
Styling:Jane How


Selasa, 17 Juni 2008

Rate on a scale from 1 to 10...

Navy Blue is the color...

MODEL:Jill Bauwens

The Nina Ricci Resort 2009 collection continues with the spring trends i.e fl orals,bright colors,trousers,bold jewelry and simple elegance.

What's your number for this Ricci frock?

Talk of the Town: MK&Ashley Olsen-Jewelry Designers

The tiny billionaires can add something new to their resume-jewelry designer.The duo is adding to their already successful Elizabeth and James Line — with jewelry, reports Women’s Wear Daily.They have teamed with famed jewelry designer, Robert Lee Morris, for their newest adventure in fashion.

The Olsens and Morris have created 80-plus styles for the jewelry line, including cuffs, earrings, necklaces and rings made from silver and antiqued brass. Motifs snakes, beetles, crosses and daggers.

Ah,I can't wait to sneak a peek at their jewelry it sounds fabulous.

Pieces will range from $65 to $700 and will hit Intermix stores nationwide in September.

Would you buy the Olsen's new jewelry line?

Talk of the Town:The Futureheads are playing a "secret" show tomorrow night in NYC!


One of the U.K's biggest indie bands are playing a secret show at Piano's in the Lower East Side.It's a secret,yes,but I'm telling you anyway.They want people to show up...right?

The show starts at 10 pm, but if you get there at 9 pm, you'll see Chief.
Tickets are only $12!

Tell all of your friends..or not.

If you can't make it(like me),you can check out their myspace and hear them rock out online.

Send me pics if you go!

Senin, 16 Juni 2008

Sneak Peek: Alexander Wang Resort Collection 2009

It' that time again to drool and heave over all of the designers'resort collections.Well,Mr.Alexander Wang had to be thinking about "a girl that lives on a boat that won't dare tip a toe into the ocean".His 2009 Resort Collection is magically nautical,classy and ultra feminine.

Ok,I'm not a fan of ANY shade of orange but this tiered low cut dress is gorgeous.The cinched waistline is extremely flattering to all body shapes.This is a mini-dress any girl can wear on the poolside sipping on some lemonade.

So many celebrities and people at school have been rocking this look:Over sized blazer,tank,short-shorts and glads.The only exception in this Wang ensemble is the sky high platform shoes.

Audrey Hepburn meets Mary Kate Olsen.

Upcoming Seniors(like me!),except the 'It' prom dress to be Grecian goddess esque.

All hail the captain.Hats especially super over the top hats have never been so fashionable&(convenient)now.You guys know how I feel about the adryongous look,it's a trend that won't fade in the near future.Indulge,add a fedora,blazer,oxfords,suspenders,leather bracelets,etc to a girly outfit.


Celebrity Beauty Profile: Natalie Portman

Miss Natalie Portman apparently has it all.Good looks,Brains,Talent,A hot boyfriend,Fame,Money&...flawless skin.Well you can have something that Miss Portman has.Peep the tips for smooth skin below.

Step 1:
For Natalie's smooth-looking skin, start with a lightweight, vitamin-filled moisturizer. Dab foundation on your forehead, nose, and cheeks and blend. Finish with a pressed powder and a touch of blush

Step 2:
Blend a light-reflecting eye brightener underneath your eyes and near the outward corners. Then line with a shimmery pale green and taupe shadow (don't forget the inner corners, and underneath your lower lashes!). Add two strokes of a volumizing mascara to lashes.

Step 3:
Keep lips simple 'n' supple with your fave clear lip plumper or a sheer, pale-pink gloss.

If anyone wants to send me proof pics or whatnot,email me @ rawmystery@aim.com.Subject headline ITF


Jumat, 13 Juni 2008

The Girl of the week...


Name: Isabella Clarisse

Age: 17

Where are you from: Los Angeles, California

Describe your style in three words: off-beat, feminine, beautiful

Quote to Live by: "An actor should never be larger than the film he's in." -Christian Bale

"I love coconut because when you think your done eating coconut, 25 minutes later, a little piece of coconut comes back out of your mouth, and then you say, "Hey! It's more coconut!" I think any food with that kind of determination needs a little respect." - John Mayer

Fashion is... absolutely anything you make it. Wear what you want, when you want, don't be afraid to wear something, someone will like it I guarantee it.

Your style inspiration/icon... my inspiration comes from what I'm feeling at the moment...usually strange impulses or from clothing my my friends would never consider wearing. If I'm getting a strange look...I've done my job!

Your favorite piece is...black dresses!!!!! I could live in them! And vests!!!!

What are your TOP 3 springtime must haves? cutesy floral sun dresses, the perfect pink lipsticks/glosses/stains, and I am currently on the hunt for the perfect pair of sandals

Any shout-outs? Hmmm... to Rosalina Raine, and Jasmine Katarina :) And to all passionate peeps that may be reading this !!

"Live high, live mighty, live righteously." - Jason Mraz

What do you think about Isabella's off-beat& original style?
Sound off x !

Congrats Bella,you had some heavy competition =]

Celebrity Style Profile: Agyness Deyn

While Agyness has been dropped from Burberry (for apparently being over exposed) and she's also sporting a trend that's popped up a lot lately. It's the ripped denim trend of course.

I'm speechless.Honestly,Aggy is the only person that I can think that can make this...work.

Eh,still fugly.
The fashion industry doesn't need (anymore)unattractive 80's trends.


Accessories are key...

We all have those days when you just can't find any inspiration.Your outfit is dull and you feel dull.Maybe what you're really lacking is -accessories. A beaded headband and a long necklace can add something to a common graphic tee,skinnies&flats look.TIP:Don't over accessorize,it's not cute.Like Coco Chanel once said,always take off one thing before you leave the house.

My bargain (accessories) finds:

Retro Print Headbands.'Nuff said.

These unique statements studs are from Heritage 1981,the baby sister of Forever 21.It's just $4.50!!!

I love this! It is the territories pendant(32") necklace.I love the colors and the texture of the beads.This piece is so versatile.I can definitely see myself wearing this a white tee,denim cutoffs,bangles,glads and a large hobo bag.

Wow,I'm really doing the bohemninan thing lately.Anywho,this turquuse ring can only be found at Urban Outfitters for a debatble price of $18.Is it worth it?

Wow,this bracelet is gorgeous.It's the "Anissa Studded Bracelet" from Forever 21.This gorgeous,gorgeous bracelet is five antique metal filigree plates with faceted bead strung on elastic.
F21 loves us all so it's only...$7.80(final sale,btw).

Happy Accessorizing!