Sabtu, 31 Mei 2008

Trend Report : Rompers

Personally on my body, rompers would look extremely unflattering unless they were really loose.I have thighs and a have a butt so; I have to go out of my way to find the perfect fit.I think rompers look best on girls who have more boyish physiques;the material just seems to hang off their body and create the illusion of curves.

Rompers(defined by is a loosely fitted, one-piece garment having short bloomers that is worn especially by small children for play.

Ha ha,well the romper/jumpsuit/play suits/onesies is for stylish women too. Some people would say this trend is better off left for 3 year old girls but I personally adore them. This look is on the either hate it or love it side.

Urban Outfitters has this floral romper for 68 smackaroos:

Forever 21(hold your flame guns)has this cute pocket romper available in teal or brown for 26 dollars:

Rogan for Target has this super sexy romper for 40 dollars:

happy romper hunting! x

Kamis, 29 Mei 2008

Thursday Playlist...

You must download...

Wicked Little Girls-Esthero

Rich Girls-The Virgins

Come one Petunia-The Blow

Walking on Air-Kerli

Click Click Click Click-Bishop Allen

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La Dolce Vita

Actress,Emmy Rossum enjoys a little frozen treat (and some shopping) during a stroll through New York City's Upper East Side on Wednesday.

I need some colored skinnies a.s.a.p

What's the number for Emmy's casual yet chic outfit?

Selasa, 27 Mei 2008

Just for you ! : TeenVogue Freebies

Over 8,000 free items will be given away on starting from June 1st.Teen Vogue is giving away the season's latest-from bikinis to jewelry.

Check out TV's Win-It Calendar to see what items are going to be given away on each day next month.

And so you don't forget, you can text "WIN IT" to TEEN VOGUE (886483) to receive daily reminders on your cell phone.Or you can visit my lovely blog daily and you'll never forget!

Mark your calendars ladies...&gentlemen?! :-)

Good Luck ! x

Discussion:What's one thing in your closet you'll never throw away?

Vanessa Hudgens has been rocking her silver-tinted 912 “Silverfox” J Brand jeans since last year to everything from movie premieres to days out in L.A. and N.Y.C., but we can’t blame her for the heavy rotation because we too would never part with some things in our closet.

The one thing I could never throw away olive-green blazer that I had since I was 12.

PIC: {it looks so much better in person}

So tell me,what's one thing in your closet you'll never throw away and why?

Minggu, 25 Mei 2008

Get Inspired By...

Model: Fernanda Reis
Miss Reis is wearing a MARC BY MARC JACOBS metallic and navy blue number from the RTW Spring 2008 line.
The hat makes it fierce? Right?

Beauty Product Review

What if I told you that,with this mascara I can make you look like that hot piece of woman below.OK.
Maybe not... but seriously why is Adriana Lima so pretty?
Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara is the BEST mascara availabe.period.Finally there's a mascara that doesn't clump or cost twenty smackaroos.I'm not a make-up person to be honest, but when I do wear make up I make sure to use this mascara.This mascara, a deal at $5.98 is still tops in every beauty editor’s book.
It's also the most popular mascara in the United States -- the company has figured out one tube of Maybelline's Great Lash mascara is sold every 1.6 seconds in the U.S.

Do you have what it takes?...

To be girl of the week?!?!
Answer these following questions:

Where are you from:_________________
Describe your style in three words:_______________
Quote to Live by:________________________
Fashion is...._________________
Your style inspiration/icon___________________
Your favorite piece is...___________
What are your TOP 3 spring/summer must haves?___________
Any shout-outs?___________________________

Send in all submissions to: w/the subject headline-ITF

Jumat, 23 Mei 2008

Extra,Extra Read All About It!!!:June/July 2008 of Nylon

The gorgeous and talented Miss Scarlett Johansson is on the cover of Nylon's June/July 2008:The Music Issue.I'm so happy they chose her,she's a rare gem among crotch-flashers,rehabbers& skanks.Any who,Miss Johansson's album of Tom Waits covers entitled:'Anywhere I lay my head' is in stores now.As you may have guessed this issue is packed of bands that are old and new.The Kills,The Donnas,The Gossip,The Ting Tings.You name it,Nylon's got it!
There's a interview w/Courtney Love* and Beth Ditto*(The Gossip's front woman);read it you won't regret it.
There's SO much more.Run,Don't walk to your nearest newsstand to snag a copy or log on online to subscribe.

happy reading! x

*interview wasn't conducted together*

The Girl of the week...


Name: Oda
Age: 18
Live: Norway
My Style in 3 words: Eclectic, Comfortable, and Exuberant
Quote: "Be true to yourself, say what you feel and you will have no regrets"
Fashion is: an extension of ones self, and personality
Style Inspiration: Nature, History, Friends, and Life itself.
Favorite Piece: my grandpas brown leather motorcycle jacket
Top 3 Spring Must Haves: Bright Colorful Prints, Gauzy Dresses, High Waisted Shorts



What do you think about Oda's hippie/boho style? sound off!
congrats O =]
**Don't forget to submit you pics & answers before next friday**

Kamis, 22 Mei 2008

Thursday Playlist...

You must download...

Why do you let me stay here? -She and Him

Float on-Modest Mouse

Be Mine-Robyn

Who-Five O clock Heroes featuring Agyness Deyn

I kissed a girl-Katy Perry

Selasa, 20 Mei 2008

Get Inspired by...

Model: Amber
This masterpiece is one of the many fabulous pieces in Betsey Johnson's!!! Fall 2008 collection.
Mhm,the perfect nautical/sailor look...

Just for you:Rogan for Target’s !

One of the looks...

Rogan for Target had their launch party on Friday.It was THE fashion event that eco-conscious stars — and bargain hunters alike — had been waiting for. And at last night’s launch of Target’s latest designer collaboration, the organic Rogan for Target collection, everyone from Rachel Bilson to Felicity Huffman and Joy Bryant made sure they headed to Barneys New York in Beverly Hills to get a sneak peek.Get ready to enjoy it yourself this starting from May 19th when the collection of over 60wardrobe staples of 100% organic cotton, priced between $15 and $45, hits Target stores and

*This is the last Just for you: target specials for awhile!*

Senin, 19 Mei 2008

Trend Report: Gladiators!

Which one do you like?

OK,I know you've heard all the buzz surrounding gladiators this spring-summer but this is a trend that I LOVE.It's time to let your toes breathe,get out of those flats and tacky flip flops.There's a new summer shoe in town.About every clothing store has gladiators in stock it all depends on your preference and style.

Peep these cute glads from F21:
& there are just $19.50

I love these glads too from UO:
How cute are those? but they're going to cost you a pretty penny...$175 to be exact.

happy hunting ! x

Beauty Product review!

I've been an avid user of Dove soap for years.The gentle exfoliating bar is the best-by far.The soap has this lovely aroma (as always) and tiny blue beads embedded in the soap.

Dove is a brand that I’ve grown to trust. I love most of their bath products. I use Dove facial foams, liquid soap and soap bars. I always love how my skin feels and smells after every use. And I haven’t really experienced my skin drying from usage, hence, the trust.

This bar will work wonders for dry and scaly skin.Afterward your skin will look & feel amazing.You should definitely pick it up in stores soon...

Get Inspired by...

Actress Emily Deschanel—in Max Azria at the Farm Sanctuary gala at Cipriani in New York.

Sabtu, 17 Mei 2008

Do you have what it takes....?

To be girl of the week? hmmm...
I know my blog is new,4 days old to be exact but I would love to get a girl of the week for next Friday.And for every Friday thereafter,so answer the following questions and send in your most stylish picture.Maybe,just maybe,you'll be chosen.

Where are you from:_________________
Describe your style in three words:_______________
Quote to Live by:________________________
Fashion is...._________________
Your style inspiration/icon___________________
Your favorite piece is...___________
What are your TOP 3 spring/summer must haves?___________
Any shout-outs?___________________________

Send in all submissions w/the subject headline INSIDETHEFASHION

Get Inspired by...
Illionaire's "Last Supper" collection.

Illionaire founder-Ben Woodcock uses alot of electric blues,hot pinks&gold in his new collection.

Check it out here: and the interview w/ Nylon magazine:

Jumat, 16 Mei 2008

Talk of the Town: Nylon's Young Hollywood Party

Guess who was there...

Most of the Gossip Girl crew!

The beautiful Chace Crawford

Leighton Meester-I love the dress,baby girl.

Blake's stunning May cover.

'Memba Her? a sequined neckline,really?
More pics at

Kamis, 15 Mei 2008

Thursday Playlist...

You must download...

Naive- The Kooks

The Only One I love- Jaymay

Great DJ- The Ting-Tings

The Girl you lost to cocaine-Sia

I feel it all-Feist

Rabu, 14 Mei 2008

Trend Report :Global Inspired Pieces


I love this look.IKAT/ETHNIC/GLOBAL prints can work with any color,jewelry and shoe(no sneakers!).It doesn't matter if you try the trend by getting a small accessory or a maxi dress with a matching bag.Global inspired pieces will definitely be apart of you spring/summer closet.It's too scrumptious,not to be.

Designer:Naeem Khan


Designer:Dries Van Noten

Get Inspired by...

MODEL: ? She's gorgeous tough.

A daring harlequin-esque outfit from the FALL 2008 RTW Alice+Olivia line.

The designer behind A+0 is Stacy Bendet.Check out a lovely interview she did w/New York's 360 degrees.


Rate on a Scale from 1-10

StyleMob User:W I X Y N A L A

So fresh,Risky yet not too out there.I give it an 8.5

Bag,Shoes and Skinnies are from Topshop
Sunglasses are from a cozy lil store-SungeiWang
Sweater-Vintage hand me down

Yo,StyleMobbers!:let W I X Y N A L A know she has been featured.