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  • Mac Fly (film)
    Oct 26, 08:46 PM
    Yeah but it's still �99 or $99 in the States!!
    AND GMail is still free!

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  • mcrain
    Apr 7, 04:21 PM
    The tea party is the republican party. There is NO tea party as third party. That's a complete fallacy. If they weren't a wholly owned faction of the Republican party, there would be tea party democrats too.

    Pop quiz - name one tea party candidate who ran as a Democrat or name one elected official who claims to be a tea party member or supporter who doesn't vote with the Republicans.

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  • The Beatles
    Apr 14, 03:00 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Based on some of the posts in this one forum, it seems that most are coming from loud mouth teens who know nothing, or just want to say something for the hell of it. Geez!

    its a thursday afternoon. Shouldnt the intelligent people be... working?

    im a bored college student, not immature kid. A little smartass humor does not hurt in my opinion. Unnecessary one word posts are annoying though.


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  • baleensavage
    Oct 10, 01:17 PM
    "If you play with Billy down the street, we're not going to be your friends any more! Nah Nah."
    Target and Walmart sound like they are run by bratty jealous kids. Besides, I can't see how movie downloads are going to threaten DVD sales anyway. HBO didn't stop VHS sales. Netflix hasn't stopped DVD sales. Cable on Demand hasn't stopped DVD sales either. People want to buy things. They want to own them. They want something to hold in their hand with pictures and a booklet. Sure people will download TV shows or some movies to watch on their iPods on a commute, but it's not going to kill the DVD market. The only thing likely to kill the DVD market is this bogus format war going on between Sony and Toshiba. Now noone is going to want to buy any HD format because they dont want their purchase to be obsolete next year.

    On another note, how is this kind of corporate bullying legal? Doesn't the government actually try to enforce any antitrust laws any more? (rhetoric question)


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  • Westacular
    Mar 23, 05:31 PM
    5 years ago Apple was pushing open standards with no licensing require (ie, zeroconf) and no one would buy in. Now they offer a standard with a fraction of the capability and charge for it and everyone wants it.

    There's a world of difference between extending basic Internet protocols and making a method for streaming videos to set-top devices that actually just works.

    The former *has* to be open and license-free to gain any level of traction or standardization, and Apple has done a good job with it -- the drafts for mDNS and DNS-SD (which combine to make Bonjour) are both still active and standards-tracked at IETF. Expect them to become full RFC internet standards before long.

    The latter generally means selling a chip (or licensing its design) to other manufacturers. There's both the expectation that this is how things are done, and likely a legal need to charge for it to cover patent licensing fees.

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  • iGary
    Sep 13, 07:21 AM
    If you don't have someone to drive you home and look after you for the night, it is recommended to stay in hospital overnight.

    iGary i wish that al goes to plans and your certainly in my pray's :)

    I don't mind that at all - I'm actually hoping to stay just one night in case...

    Funny thing is I could walk to the hospital (and the Apple Store :D) in 10 minutes...

    I just don't want to wake up puking all over the place.


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  • pinsrw
    Apr 13, 06:25 AM
    Too bad I can't find a store that has an iPad 2, due to all of the Asians buying them up every morning and exporting them (do they have an export license? I think not). I've been told the local foreign college students can send them back to their parents in China or Vietnam who then sell them for a $1000 profit.

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  • lmalave
    Oct 16, 10:53 PM
    Am I the only one who plugs my phone in at night? All this worry over the battery life seems kind of silly. As long as it lasts the day...

    Hmm...well it needs to be a lot better than the 1st generation of music phones. My Sony Ericsson probably only gets 2 or 3 hours of music playback, and I don't think Apple would even launch such a crippled music phone. Since Apple has their iPod nanos up to 24 hours of music playback, I'm hoping they can get the iPhone to at least 8 to 10 hours of music playback. The concerns about battery life mentioned aren't encouraging, though. Maybe they were only able to get the music playing up to 6 or 8 hours max. I would still buy it though, since I only need at most 2 or 3 hours a day of playback anyway (for the gym and for the commute).


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  • iPhoneCollector
    Feb 18, 11:01 AM
    It does not look like the NE picture was actually of SJ at all.

    And what it it was him. Does having a hand mean that one has only six weeks to live?

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  • crosswords puzzles for kids.

  • fabian9
    Feb 18, 10:35 AM
    This is the photo is full size:

    He does look scarily thin�


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  • alent1234
    Apr 21, 01:36 PM
    Could these be Apples baby-steps into the console Market?

    is it going to have close to a TB of storage?

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  • shambolic
    Mar 13, 03:29 PM
    Agreed, it's the carrier that sets the time, not the device.

    I sleep with my AT&T iPhone set to airplane mode so that it won't disturb me in the night - when I woke up this morning, it was still on the old time. (Good thing I wasn't relying on any alarms)

    As soon as I switched off airplane mode, allowing it to access the cell network, it correctly jumped forward an hour to daylight savings time.


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  • LinMac
    Dec 27, 10:48 PM
    Let's stop for a moment and think about this without any knee jerk reaction against at&t.

    The at&t network in New York City is not able to handle any additional network traffic. It makes sense due to the amount of users in such a small area.

    What should at&t do?

    I think it is reasonable to temporarily stop selling the iPhone considering the network in New York City. They can resume sales after the network has been upgraded to handle the additional traffic.

    at&t has not sunk to a new low. They are finally taking responsibility for their network by not overloading it with any additional data heavy iPhone users.

    Note: This post is based on speculation about speculation. Please take it how it was intended. :)

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  • gorjan
    Apr 5, 11:57 AM
    Hope this is a fake, as I absolutely loathe capacitive buttons on phones.

    I agree! My Samsung Galaxy S had capacitive buttons and you could never know if the phone had registered or not.


    crosswords puzzles for kids. crossword puzzles for kids
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  • iAppTime
    Nov 27, 06:22 PM
    Why ?

    If it were genuine White iPhone 4 parts, Apple most likely wants to investigate where they got leaked.

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    Apr 30, 11:14 AM
    I downloaded and installed it last night. Ran great. The default settings set everything to "Medium" for my computer. Ran completely smooth. No lag or issues. That game is awesome.


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  • Liquorpuki
    Mar 8, 11:58 PM
    Does anybody else beside me think the launch titles suck?

    I was gonna pre-order the 3DS but I don't like any of the games. I'd be buying some random game just to try out a $250 piece of hardware.

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  • bigsexyy81
    Aug 19, 11:54 AM
    are you jailbroken? do you have biteSMS installed? if so, thats probably why. if you go to SBSsettings > mobile substrate addons > and then turn off biteSMSsb, it will work normally. but im sure as hell not giving up my biteSMS for a facebook update that has a non functional locations feature (which even when it works i will not use) and background photo uploading. if you dont have the 5 seconds to wait for a picture to upload, maybe you shouldnt be wasting your time on facebook anyway.
    I am JB and have biteSMS. This is the reason the new version won't work? I'm logged in but everything keeps popping up 'Error' on every page.

    Is the only option to restore the old one by syncing with iTunes on my computer?

    crosswords puzzles for kids. Crossword Puzzles For Kids
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  • epictempo
    Apr 24, 01:07 AM
    Sd card slot and an 8 hour battery life (videos) will have me ditching this iPad2 quicker than the flash. :D intended.

    Apr 5, 09:09 AM
    I'm not saying they WILL do that on iPod, but they'd be more likely to do it than a touch-screen home button.

    I don't think the gestures would be that bad anyway. I've been using 10.7 Lion for a week now and some of those 4-finger gestures work perfect on the trackpad which is almost the size of an iPod anyway.

    Trackpad is larger and provides more space for fingers than the touchscreen would when you're utilizing those gestures. Difference between a swipe and a full-hand pinch.

    Apr 24, 01:58 PM
    * i5 with switchable graphics (Intel raaaaaage)
    * More storage space for lower range model (64GBs...what was I thinking???)
    * Cheaper RAM option (2GB is fine, but pushing the limits of OK)

    I really can't think of anything else though. These are near perfect computers.

    Jun 15, 12:45 PM
    Any UI/Software/Dashboard changes?

    I don't mind the new design. I think I'll probably get one in a year or so when I move out.

    Yes and no. There is a "new" Dashboard for waggle controls...I mean Kinetic, allowing easy motion access to things like FB, movies, movies and the basics. However, it'll be controller driven for the main part still.

    Oct 26, 07:58 PM
    I like it. There's nothing I hate more than having to go through a web mail system that looks like a web mail system.

    Both my HDs in my G3 fried on me:mad: and I am forced to use my work laptop to get my e-mail.

    Apple OC
    May 2, 07:54 PM
    Genetic tests for identification usually take up to 5-10 days, but usually more than 2. Technology. heh.

    on a mission like this ... you bring the "Lab" with you

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