Kamis, 31 Desember 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, my darlings. Thank you so much for a wonderful year; it has been so much fun to have you here. Here are a few fun links...and see you in 2010! xoxo

A holiday birdfeeder.

Abbey's cuter-than-cute Christmas card.

Sherlock-Holmes chic.

Oooh, those LA views.

Times Square snowball fight.

A rad reindeer ad campaign.

Liking this sealife poster and nautical collection.

Plus, two videos:

A sweet wedding save-the-date.

Random but cute: A baby elephant who lived with a Russian family!

(Photo by Elisabeth Dunker)

Rabu, 30 Desember 2009


Jak wiadomo czerń i biel sprawdza się praktycznie w każdym wydaniu, szczególnie gdy trzeba wyglądać elegancko. Żakiet pożyczyłam od Mamy, urzekł mnie jego klasyczny fason, który stał się alternatywą dla tego co możemy znaleźć w sklepach. Miedziano - złoty łańcuch nałożyłam w ostatniej chwili, gdy po ostatnim spojrzeniu w lustro naszło mnie uczucie czyniewyglądamzbytbanalnie?.

No i trzeba tu w wspomnieć, że mamy już rok 2010 - życzymy Wam wszystkim roku pełnego inspiracji, natchnienia i oczywiście spełnienia marzeń ;)

all vintage&secondhand
shoes - vagabond

The Shining

On Monday evening, Alex convinced me that it was a good idea for us to turn off all the lights and watch The Shining. Needless to say, I totally freaked out and had to check under the bed before going to sleep that night (seriously) (I'm 30). So, yesterday, Alex showed me this hilarious spoof trailer from 2006, which makes the movie look like a romantic comedy. I was dying laughing. Now that's more my speed.

Do you like scary movies?

Home Inspiration: Frame Walls

We're slowly but surely starting to put together a nursery (exciting!). I love the idea of having a frame wall, so the baby can look up from its crib and see all its loved ones smiling down on him or her. So, I think we're going to roll up our sleeves and make one! Here are two photos I'm using for inspiration. xo

(Top photo by Todd Selby; bottom photo by Annie Schlechter/Domino)

Selasa, 29 Desember 2009


I know I was supposed to do a big post about 2009 but I feel gross and I'm lazy. I have the flu and I NEED A BREAK. 98% Of my friends have the flu too...Who's spreading the germs? Anyway,Have a very Happy New Year!!!!!!! I hope all your dreams come true.Thank you for supporting my blog! Keep following and commenting:) I love it,God Bless xoxo!

I'm thinking about changing my blog a little bit for 2010. Any suggestions/ideas?

I'll be back on Jan,4th 2010 with lots of fresh and inspiring posts<3. Follow me on twitter@sharifashenel

J. Crew tees

J. Crew's floral T-shirts are so cute, and the best part is that they still stretch over my rapidly growing belly. (I really popped this week!)

Rainy wedding

I keep coming back to this rainy wedding in a California barn. The couple looks so blissful, and I'm in love with the bride's cream-colored wrap cardigan.

P.S. Apparently when they rowed to the middle of the lake, it was just a drizzle...then suddenly the skies opened up! What a cute candid moment.

(Photos by Braedon Photography)

Modern wreath

How cheery is this do-it-yourself wreath made with felted balls? You could keep it up all year!

(Via SeeSaw Designs and Black Eiffel)

willy wonka's world

Jakiś czas temu miałyśmy okazję odwiedzić Fabrykę Czekolady. I choć nie była ona żywcem wyjęta z filmu Burtona, to wrażenia były niesamowite. I oczywiście degustacja produktów w ilościach dowolnych ! :D

Translation: Racentyly we have visited the factory of chocolate! See how they are doin' it! Enjoy!

zdjęcia dzięki Kamilii :*

Senin, 28 Desember 2009

Sex & the City 2 Trailer

I really didn't like the first Sex & the City movie. Big was the absolute worst! Carrie should have run for the hills. Still, I loved the show and am curious about the sequel. Here's the trailer. What do you think? xoxo

(Via I Heart You)

Jenny's birth story

Oh my goodness, have you read Jenny's birth story from Christmas Eve? She was planning to deliver at the hospital, but all of a sudden...read the full story here. My jaw dropped. Congratulations, Jenny!

(Photo by Mav)

Country house

Welcome back! Hope you had a wonderful holiday. We just got back from sunny California, and now I'm daydreaming about warm balmy days. Take a look at this couple's rad country house in upstate New York (what a dream!)...

You can play ping-pong with a pup...

...stop to smell the wildflowers...

...swim in the backyard...

...store whisky on wooden beams...

...and make your own pickles and jam (yum).

And, when asked what surprised them most about country life, they answered, "Secret waterfalls and bears." Awesome!

(Photos by Todd Selby)

Minggu, 27 Desember 2009

New years partywear

If you have not choosen your new years partywear yet then the winter sales is a great place to find the outfit you need to ring in the new year. Stick to outfits that flatter your bodyshape and suit the occasion rather than those that are cheap and which you you will only wear once.

new year party wear, black jump suit
Go for classical clothing like this belted jump suit that will last a lifetime and which you will be able to wear year after year - though not at the same occasions of course. If your wardrobe is lacking that little black dress then browse the sales for a good quality well cut little black dress - no wardrobe should be without one. For those who already have that little black dress then go for that little black jump suit if your wardrobe is lacking evening wear trouser suits. This slash neck crepe dress is sure to dazzle and sparkle at your new years eve party.

little balck dress,sequin partywear,sequin dress
Accessorize with this sophisticated black evening bag and handmade rock crystal bracelet from Munique Fashions or with this vintage style barrel necklace for a truly vintage look.

vintage style necklace,vintage necklace
rock crystal bracelet,semi precious bracelet
evening bag,ladies evening bag,black evening bag

Your capsule wardrobe and the winter sales

We all anxiously await the annual sales - winter sales, summer sales, autumn sales. Some line up for hours early in the morning to be the first inside their store of choice. But with many sales starting online on christmas day it is so much easier to let your fingers do the walking and not have to jossle for parking space, join long lines for the changing rooms or line up to cash your items. The great thing about online shopping is that you can do it from the comfort of your living room.

black top,black blouse
This plaited trim top would certainly suit the body shape of Susannah but not Trini. Just a reminder to buy what is flattering for your body shape and avoid the pitfalls of online bargains.

Avoid the pitfalls of shopping in sales and online bargains

Whether shopping online or browsing the store sales it is important to stick to certain rules to avoid the pitfalls of shopping in sales. To ensure that you only buy clothing and fashion accessories that truly flatter you and most importantly that you need, identify gaps in your capsule wardrobe and know what you are looking to buy. I am sure you made a shopping list for christmas so do the same for your sale shopping to be sure that you will not be adding more of the same to your wardrobe.

Make a list of your wardrobe needs.

For me I know that I need v neck and cowl neck knitwear, camisoles and a strapless bra. At the same time I know how much I can afford to spend. It is important to set yourself a budget and not overspend.

If you are fortunate enough to have no gaps in your wardrobe then see if the prices are reduced on your wish list items. I am forever adding items to my wish list but do remember to revisit your wish list periodically. Wish lists do indeed save you the time of having to search for the item again on the internet. So use your wish list facilities which is available on most websites.

Rabu, 23 Desember 2009

What was ultra trendy in '09 [part 3-final]

Lace tights

Urban Outfitters
Hit or Miss? Miss,Miss and Miss. I just don't get it. And some people have the audacity to wear it as pants.Cringe. Just...no,NEXT.

Fingerless Gloves

Hit or Miss? Miss.No explanation or photo needed.

(Faux)Fur vests

Rebecca Taylor Fur Vest
Hit or miss? Tie
Some fur vests looks like roadkill,silly or both. It's for the edgy civilians among us.

Tie Dye Jeans

Hit or Miss? Eh,Miss. I love Balmain and there tie dye jeans are pretty cool.Tie dye jeans screams "Look at my thighs". This trend is preferbaly for lean women...or men.

Leather pants/Liquid leggings

Hit or miss? Hit. It's for the cat woman in all of us!

Fringed sandals

Sugar Ghost Dance Sandals;$40
Hit or miss? Hit. I love the boho look.I didn't get a pair during the summer:( I was rocking my beloved gladiator sandals.

Cropped Harem Pants

Hit or miss? A FAIL.MISS.
These are extremely unflattering. It does nothing for your crotch...or your thighs and legs. Clothes should FIT you not swallow you and make you look as if you have crotch disappeared.Rant over!

Denim vests

Sienna Miller
Hit or Miss? Hit-when paired with a dress or skirt. Don't wear jeans with a denim vest. The 90's are over.

The Cut Out dress

Herve Leger
Hit or Miss? Hit
Cut out dresses give out the super sexy and sleek look evey woman longs for. Also they create automatic curves which is great for women with more of a boyish and lean frame.


Hit or Miss? Miss
These should be illegal.

Sequined jackets

Hit or miss? Hit
If you can avoid looking a disco ball. It's a really fun look that adds a little flair to another wise casual outfit.

Popular nail polish colors:
-plum purple
-salmon pink
-royal blue

Popular makeup trends:
-The smoky eye
-Bold red lip
-Matte lipstick
-Natural/minimal makeup

Popular hairstyles
-Side braid
-60's bun
-Beachy waves
-Curls! Curls!
-1940's pinup hair


Stay tuned for my favorite fashion moments of 2009...I'll be back on 12/29