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  • ApplLover
    Apr 12, 07:45 PM
    I don't believe the stats. There is no way the Verizon model is more popular than the AT&T model.

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  • MacCoaster
    Sep 22, 07:37 AM
    Originally posted by wilburpan

    Here's the link to their rating of an iMac 800MHz G4 and a 1.8Ghz P4, which puts the two within shouting distance of each other.

    I stand corrected, however, they are still 7 percentiles apart. So yes, shouting distance. But what would the 55-percentile Pentium 4 speed be? 1.5-1.6GHz? Maybe less?

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  • citizenzen
    Apr 12, 05:44 PM
    Would this be grounds for not employing them?

    All mah customers is scared of you ... you bein' black and all ... so they'all stand in the other line and make my other checker do all the work.

    So's I gots to fire you and hire me more white checkers.

    Yeah. Let's bring back those days ... when America was great. :rolleyes:

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  • logandzwon
    Mar 1, 06:53 AM
    From the talks I've had with people from the Apple Professional Services group Apple feels that real world use of OS X server is very limited. Most of their work is integrating Active Directory with Open Directory. They see most of their customers using OS X Server as the authentication, group policy, and file servers for the mac units in their customer's businesses.


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  • bildio
    Apr 21, 07:11 AM
    Sometimes it will just sit there on some of my older workstations. Clearing cache or waiting on hardware or whatever the heck it does.

    Most times it's installing something. I wait it out and eventually windows will shutdown.

    If it's installing something, there's usually something like a "cursor" flashing, but in this case the "cursor" was frozen in place.

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  • DeSnousa
    May 27, 10:20 PM
    I like the new version. But can i recommend that you do what the weather widget does, where you click on it and it gives you a small version and then a more informed version.

    EDIT: sorry my ignorance you can. Now i can fully give this widget two thumbs up.


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  • scott523
    Sep 25, 10:00 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    There have been rumors of Aperture updates and possibly MacBook updates at this event.

    It says "MacBook" updates at this event. I hope that wasn't a typo! :eek: :D

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  • edesignuk
    Sep 13, 06:22 PM
    Originally posted by hazz4121


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  • ivan2002
    Apr 12, 04:52 PM
    The 3G graph just shows how ignorant people are when choosing between ATT and Verizon.

    ATT has the fastest 3G network
    ATT has GSM, the standard chipset around the globe

    Dropped calls and data plan are not the same thing

    All this equals that people are ignorant

    You seem to be... ahem... unaware of the fact that Verizon has a much wider 3G coverage than AT&T, and that real world network speeds depend on the use of the network at a given location (especially in densely populated areas) which hurts AT&T network more (as it is the more popular carrier for all the smartphones everyone has).

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  • zMudvayne
    Apr 30, 07:49 PM
    Finalcut, the GameStop copy may say "PC" but Blizzard's games are playable on both Mac and PC using the same disc. Even on GameStop if you open up the System Requirements, under OS it says "Windows / Mac."

    That being said, the code that GameStop is usable for both PCs and Macs. The code activates the game in your Battle.net account, from there you can either download the PC installer or the Mac installer. I'm downloading the Mac installer right now (I got the code about 1.5 hours ago but I was in the middle of a final) and it says it will take about 70 minutes to complete (big file...).

    Excited to play, even if it is a little glitchy at first I've been waiting for this game for a LONG time, wish I would've known I could've entered the beta before now. I have the newest Core i7 15" MBP so it'll be interesting to see how it handles that hardware, it should be plenty capable.


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  • PhazonUK
    Apr 7, 07:45 AM
    Really, if you don't know how to "jailbrake" at all then I recommend getting someone you to know to help you out maybe? Actually performing the jailbreak is the simple bit.
    Using and managing Cydia, along with any tweaks, is the part that most non-jailbreakers get confused with.
    I've jailbroken several people's iPhones, iPods, and iPads and even now I still get them asking about things.

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  • Prom1
    Mar 26, 06:06 PM
    With the Xserve getting canned, it's likely that Apple will shift Lion server hard towards SOHO needs and further away from the needs of larger enterprise environments.

    How will this affect so many Universities that have implemented iTunes U?!


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  • sartinsauce
    Oct 17, 09:54 AM
    i actually think apple will probably come up with something that takes existing features/wants/needs of current smartphones/3G phones/etc. and defines/redefines the category somehow, much the way the iPod, while still doing things other players did when it was released, defined all HD based players after it.

    You're right, of course. I neglected to mention that in my post, and now that I think about that, maybe they will turn the tide on the current cycle of constant update/refresh.

    Generally, Apple's products are true innovations. One would only hope that the iPhone would follow that track record.

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  • Huntn
    May 3, 04:27 PM
    Not all lives are "equal". One life of an important financial worker who perished at WTC might be worth more than 1000 soldiers. That's the order of society. A soldier's life is meant to be sacrificed to protect the worker. Some "warriors" are born to be this way, like army ants. The worker is more important because he makes guns to put into the hands of new soldiers. And of course, as you may have noticed, many of the front line (infantry) consists of would be rejects of society that have been conditioned and given a chance to serve a greater purpose than to become delinquents or menial workers that they would have been. "Unimportant Lives" in the big picture despite what their own families think of them. That's the unwritten rule.

    In history, war is the driver of innovation...from the measly dart, to the nuclear warhead. Whether we will sustain through it to reap the benefits ourselves may be another story....like Nazi Germany where we stole all their world changing innovations after we collapsed them. Although it may bring disgust to some ppl today, Nazi Germany was one of the greatest economic, technological, and war machines ever devised and Adolf Hitler was one of the most influential and greatest men who ever lived...for his people. He just lost so we don't believe in what he tried to establish.

    If there is no war, we would build more capitalistic indulgence crap to make eachother happy and lazy. But in war, we build things that help us survive. Advanced in bomb detection leads to better sensors for medical diagnosis.
    Advances in robots leads to better prosthetics and automating.
    Advances in field portable displays leads to large LED screens for remote surgery.
    Advances in nanotech will potentially change everything we know of as "technology" today.

    Many of the above will assist the "cure for cancer", or whatever it is that scares you to death. If you think that during "peacetime", everyone and their mom will devote their lives to "finding the cure", you are sadly mistaken. Humans are lazy...until their life is immediately threatened. War is why we evolved so far past the next "animal".

    I can see your description of the "order of society". There is some truth there, but due to the perceived value of humans and the efficiency of robots, I believe robots will replace humans on the force end of policy.

    We've had this discussion before but every time you equate human advances to man's selfishness and tendency to kill each other to gain advantage it is thoroughly depressing. No matter how much we enrich ourselves and advance tecnically, we'll be losers until we can realize other motivators to reach a higher level of existence.

    For Your Reference: It was just reported on MSNBC that the U.S.budget has been cut $38B which equals 19 weeks in Afghanistan. Think about what this war is costing us. We can just hand over our social programs to keep the fighting going, no biggy, right?


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  • AppleMc
    Mar 11, 02:00 PM
    Just strolled past you guys at Stonebriar, I'm so jealous, wish I could get in line...

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  • wildmac
    Nov 14, 04:40 PM
    It sounds really nice, but... perhaps someone got out the press release too soon. The Dutch airline KLM, one of the partners mentioned in the article, are apparently not aware of the deal and respond in surprise to the news. They also say Air France, KLM's owner, nows nothing.

    The article, in Dutch: http://www.nu.nl/news/885979/54/%27iPod-aansluiting_in_vliegtuigen%27.html

    (Translation by me. I'm not quite sure if the spokesman means 'now', ie. since the announcement, or 'at the moment', ie someting went wrong at the talks.)

    It's more likely that one part of the airline isn't talking to the other part.

    Also, if figures that anything related to France would surrender first. :D


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  • Cagle
    Apr 5, 11:38 AM
    Yes this still bothers me. It makes great demo, to borrow a phrase from Fearless Leader, but it's scratched in some way in the first 5 minutes and after a month, Ugh... after a year: Scratchapalooza.

    I�m completed annoyed! Are they nuts! How can Jon Ive present this design to Steve Jobs with a straight face when it�s clearly a flawed back? Do they not put this thing through real world testing?! Good lord, it makes me mad!:mad:

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  • Rt&Dzine
    May 2, 08:25 PM
    The problem is, is that your government is saying things, then going back on it. Nothing is making much sense.

    Exactly what have they said that they've taken back?

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  • marksman
    Apr 1, 01:28 PM
    This is getting off topic, but I have a directivo sitting in the corner collecting dust. I owned tivos since they first came out, but a few years the directv dvrs got good enough to replace the tivo experience, and as far as a I know the new tivo box will have a premium monthly charge, so I seriously doubt I will switch.

    I am a big fan of the technology brought into the world by TiVo and ReplayTV, but TiVo has been one of the most amazingly horribly run companies I have ever seen. I am shocked they are still in business...and I guess they can thank Dish for that...

    Anyways back to time warner fighting with fox.

    Feb 18, 09:42 PM
    Damn I'm thinner than uncle Steve. I should have died a long time ago:D Better pack my stuff:p

    Looks like everybody wants to kill Steve, guess what? In the next keynote instead of macbooks Steve is going to announce:

    "Once again I'm still a live."

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, iLive 4(eva)


    May 1, 06:27 PM
    My Late-2009 Mac Pro runs it on Ultra settings with no lag or stuttering. I don't know the frame rate, but it looks like it's at least 50fps to me. Very smooth, even during very large battles.

    Your i7 iMac should be fine.

    wonderful! great thanks heaps for that!!

    i hope it goes ok at 2560x1440 though haha ;)

    can anybody report the type of CPU usage that you are seeing? is it quad core compliant?

    Apple OC
    Apr 23, 11:03 PM
    What has Obama really done besides go on vacation for the last few years? How the hell has he raised any bar? Tell me what all he promised to do and then tell me exactly how many of those things he has accomplished so far.

    I think he quit smoking:rolleyes:

    Mar 29, 07:24 AM
    robbieduncan is right-on with his explanation, you're making incorrect claims: focal lengths are independent of the size of the sensor, a 50 mm lens will be a 50 mm lens on a medium format body, a full frame analog body or an APS-C-sized dslr. What changes is the field of view, which is an angle. It is this angle which is different on the above-mentioned cameras. The reason why people write something to the effect `a 50 mm lens on a crop body is equivalent to 75~80 mm lens on a full frame body' is that we've gotten used to associating focal lengths on 35 mm bodies to FOVs. Sort of like Americans got used to measuring distances in miles rather than kilometers.

    which is why I have not made the claim that 200mm on one lens is not equal to 200mm on the other (by actual measurements). What I have claimed is that the EFFECTIVE (perceived) focal length is different, when angle is taken into effect (the size of the sensor in relation to the size of the rear element).

    YOU WILL GET DIFFERENT IMAGES IF YOU USE A 200mm EF Lens on a 7D (APS-C) and a 200mm EF-S lens on that same camera due to the FOVCF. on the EF lens, the 200mm assumes you are using the ENTIRE image circle of the lens, which you are not. You ARE using the ENTIRE image circle on the EF-S lens, which is a True 200mm for that camera. You have to use the ENTIRE image circle to get a true measure of the focal length. when you use only a portion of that image circle, you have to apply the FOVCF to get the EFFECTIVE focal length.

    Your last 2 sentences actually prove my point for me. Everything in today's photography arsenal (at least in DSLR) is based on the old film standard of 35mm image recording space (or sensor size). It is you standard of measure. It has not changed with Digital. This is why we have conversion factors and have to talk of EFFECTIVE focal lengths.

    Jul 20, 08:34 PM
    at&t will know what your doing at all times:eek:

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