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  • mgargan1
    Nov 21, 04:08 PM
    hmm... i wonder if they're a public company. If they can get rid of those problems, and what they're talking about actually works, then i think that company's stock will get pretty high

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  • blackpeter
    Sep 19, 03:29 PM

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  • asencif
    Feb 28, 06:58 PM
    Thanks for the pics kingdonk. It looks like the Open Directory service is there in the pictures, although maybe it's unconfigurable at the moment. I do not see NFS which is surprising.

    Overall, with the killing of the Xserve and Apple catering OS X Server more to the SOHO, it will be a tough sell since a lot of 2-10 person shops that don't require more than 500GB can probably have most of their infrastructure on the cloud.

    If they need massive amounts of storage and not a lot of physical space then an XServe would fit better with a RAID attached and backup unit.

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  • Did you anytime anticipate addition with such a simple and affected hairstyle could alluvium so abundant sex appeal? Well Allison Hannigan absolutely did.

  • macsmurf
    May 6, 09:59 PM
    "Networking" in Windows CAN be hard. Because it provides a lot of flexibility and versatility. While MS does try to make "Home Networking" user friendly, I'm afraid I wouldn't say it's completely intuitive. But it's mostly because ppl don't RTFM! In this day, the internet has so many "guides" that it should not need a person with half a brain. Google is a really neat word ppl should learn. If they don't know about it by some chance...its in the dictionary! No joke!!!

    Apple on the other hand, realizes this about some ppl who are "un-helpable" so their motto is to "dumb down the interface" so that ppl with 1/4 a brain can do many "computer tasks". But this doesn't really make a difference to ppl who require "powerful" networking, which includes all indirect benefits found in Windows...prolly grown since the intro of Windows NT. And that's why Windows has been the primary choice for industry. Not just your "word processing station" as well as evidently, the "server arena", but also as an interface to control machines from cash registers to robotic chained automation assembly lines that makes the actual computers!...including macs and iPhones! :p

    For me, a terminal shell is an indispensable tool. In other words I find Windows frustrating.

    Anyway, what exactly is this powerful networking you're talking about?
    Extra large tubes?

    Oh, I just remembered an anecdote. Some years ago, we had a bit of a problem at my home. We received a complaint from our ISP that we were sending out spam. The problem is that our local network is used by around 30 apartments and the guy who received the complaint didn't really know anything about networking. He's really just a contact person. Anyway, he knocked on my door and luckily I had an old P4 with two NICs that ran some version of Linux, so I configured it as a bridge and to log packages going to port 25 (SMTP) via netfilter. Then we just put it between the router and local network. After a couple of hours I checked the logs and we found the culprit.

    How would I go about that using Windows? Is it in the manual? To be honest, I'm not sure how to do it in OS X either (nor would I want to) :)


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  • Thunderhawks
    Apr 15, 06:35 AM
    Windows 7 was his idea.

    The shirt and T look was his wife's.

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  • bearbo
    Oct 10, 09:24 AM
    If you ask me, it's pretty clear Apple will update all of its laptops before the holiday season. I personally can't wait to buy a new MB, because my 600 MHz G3 iMac is getting a bit sluggish. My question is this: Will it be a simple CPU upgrade, or will Apple change pricing and/or other hardware (such as HD capacity, RAM, etc.)? Oh, and how long do I have to wait?
    we know as much about apple's next release, as about apple's 5 yrs later release


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  • whfsdude
    Jun 14, 02:52 PM
    T-Mobile requires AWS specifically which is not just 2100mhz. AT&T operates on 1900/2100. T-Mobile is 1700/2100 so it would need a new radio, if not a new radio ROM.

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  • Glideslope
    Mar 28, 10:47 AM
    iphone5 will be available within this year.

    Sept/Oct. :apple:


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  • diamond3
    Jan 6, 04:11 PM
    You obviously haven't been introduced to the evils of farmville and similar facebook apps.

    You know you can block applications from posting on your wall and news feed. That might help.

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  • bartelby
    Sep 25, 12:15 PM
    Omg with no laptop updates, I'd like to watch as Apple's laptop sales tumble. Already the Apple Store dropped their MacBook shipping days down to 3-5 days (nobody wants it). :mad:

    And your proof for that statment is?

    The fact the shipping time has dropped couldn't be they've had more stock delivered could it?


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  • bella92108
    Apr 1, 03:50 PM
    People are wrong who think Alacarte would boil down to a handful of channels. The opposite would happen as people would not purchase duplicate channels with similar content. They would choose the one they like best and then choose something more narrowly focused in their interest range.

    People are confusing ratings on tv with what people would actually pay for to have brought into their home every month. They are not the same thing.

    Yeah, people just listen to the media. Everyone I know would just buy what they want, even if that meant 2 channels.

    By their logic, cellular companies unlimited plan should be the only plan offered, and if cellular companies offered less then everyone would only buy the minimum plans, lol. Flawwed logic propagated by misinformation.

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  • syrianos
    Sep 19, 04:46 PM
    I unplugged everything and that made it work.

    Network Cable
    USB devices (3)
    Firewire400 (1)
    Firewire800 (1)

    I didn't think to unplug them one at a time to control for where the problem was. Oh well. If your drives comes out and snaps back in right away without updating the firmware. Remove all devices before rebooting.

    are you running in raid as well?
    i'm starting to think that the raid is software and maybe the firmware update can't load since it probably runs before the software raid drivers are loaded for the 2 drives?
    any expert here?


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  • gkarris
    Apr 1, 12:43 PM
    I would imagine that the 3DSi would have better cameras, and a front-facing 3D camera - imagine Skype in 3D... :D

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  • Rodimus Prime
    May 2, 12:21 PM
    end result no real change. Someone else will rise up and take his place.

    Real question is will the replacement be worse than the the first.


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  • Ugg
    Apr 28, 11:21 PM
    This may be true - further analysis is needed. Either way, concrete roads (like interstates and state highways) are much more resistant to this type of wear than asphalt. And again, the real culprits are soil conditions and thermal expansion/contraction.

    If that's the case, then 18 wheels are going to heat up a road faster than four. I'd also like to see the impact of braking on road surfaces. I'm sure it's significant.

    It's all more or less pointless because if you want to argue efficiency, the trucks don't rank very high on the scale. Trains win that argument hands down.

    If you really want to argue the issue then it should be about how many extra miles or lanes of asphalt are needed to support all the commercial trucks on the road. I'll bet it's a lot.

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  • KingYaba
    Mar 26, 12:48 PM
    In CT we are taxed I believe 50 cents on every gallon. The problem is that as gas prices rise people buy less of it and the taxes dry up.

    It stands to reason that people would drive less. So the projected mileage tax revenue wouldn't be what they say and the already in-place gasoline tax would be less useful because people are driving less. Privacy issues aside, this is a dumb idea. Politically speaking you're not going to win many hearts and minds by taxing the lower and middle classes like this.


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  • Eraserhead
    Jun 11, 08:57 AM
    Networking and Internet has been gone through, as has software, so the only "bad" pages are now in Old Categories.

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  • JackAxe
    Apr 6, 02:05 PM
    I already have portable wii...... that is until I expel it ;)

    I expect it's been expelled by now, but won't make any further inquires about it. :p

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 11, 08:01 PM
    US made bikes? HA. good luck - there are like 3 main manufacturers all over seas that put out most frames (Giant is a big one.) - past that SRAM and Shimano are going to be your group (i think SRAM still has some US plants). Wheels will be easier to find but hubs/rims - not so much.

    I'm not going for 100% US-made. I'd like something designed and assembled in the US with a US-made frame.

    I'm single. I need a sexy car, not a four door.

    American carmakers don't really do "sexy" anymore, unless you find trucks and SUVs sexy. Ponycars are pretty much your only option.

    It must be nice having so much money that you can base your car purchase on a political statement ... though I understand you folks are working with the best intentions.

    Everyone's situation is going to be different. It's neither wise or economically realistic to restrict yourself entirely to domestic products. But everyone can support their local or national economy in some way by being a more educated consumer.

    It's also worth remembering that there are precisely zero passenger vehicles on sale in the US that are completely designed and built in the US with 100% US parts. Every car being built these days has foreign content somewhere. I have no special loyalty to US car manufacturers at any rate.

    Apr 4, 10:51 AM
    The GOP claimed that the the Democrats were overspending, but they failed to address how much worse things would be had they not done all the things to fix the mess left over from their president and party leadership. (A president who started the bailouts and is responsible for the highest budget ever). The GOP did not address this... I wonder why.

    By the way, we could cut the deficit in half with one simple act, all while preserving necessary services and relief for the hardest hit. End the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

    Jun 20, 07:11 AM
    The standard file system of SDXC cards is exFat (http://www.sdcard.org/developers/tech/sdxc/capabilities/) -- so does this mean the Mini now supports exFat?
    exFAT supports needs an Mac OS X update. Once Mac OS X is updated, older Macs will support SDXC cards, too. The older Macs won't support the higher speed, though.

    SDXC actually contains two new features:

    exFAT → requires new software (file system driver)
    faster bus speed → requires new hardware (card reader)

    SDHC has no built-in limit at 32 GB. It's an arbitrary limit imposed by the choice of FAT32 as the file system (which is arbitrarily limited to 32 GB by Microsoft).

    Sep 25, 10:42 AM
    Can't believe aperture doesn't support more RAW types yet.

    Until it supports more/all of the raw types, it will never be a real 'pro' application imho

    I'm using it for my JPEG stuff but I do wish it would support the RAW files from my Fuji S3 :(

    Feb 27, 10:49 PM
    Apple has bragged that they had only one version of OS X (compared to the half dozen versions of Windows), so if this is "done right" they could really make good on that promise. There doesn't seem to be that much fundamentally different in the underpinnings of Snow Leopard and Snow Leopard Server. If the server version of Lion doesn't lose anything then it should be fine, as far as what I need, at least.

    IMHO, anyone who has considered Apple servers for heavy, or even medium, duty use has always been living dangerously. Between single source hardware and miniscule market share, why take the chance? For my SOHO use, it's been working out just fine.

    Single source hardware is an asset to server reliability, not a detriment. Compare linux uptimes to AIX, Solaris, or HPUX, and there's no contest. Having 1 company on the hook for everything helps make things run way more smoothly. The trend towards linux in the data center is a detriment that mirrors wall street, with short term costs overruling long term benefit.

    Apr 27, 12:11 PM
    Hi, I'd like a program for my mac that I can use to do simple enough graphs, such as those for market structures in economics.

    Failing that, is there an MSpaint like program for mac?

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