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  • slffl
    Apr 5, 09:48 AM
    The xoom tied the iPad? That's a joke! And I say this because yes I have used a xoom. It was a pile of turd.

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  • eawmp1
    Nov 2, 04:38 AM
    Time to move off the grid. :rolleyes:


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  • dlperry42
    Apr 14, 09:22 PM
    Better check the latest Delta ruling -- no use of an iPod on board at any time.

    Hard to believe, but that is the statement in their magazine and they are having the flight attendents enforce it.:(

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  • jared_kipe
    Apr 3, 12:21 PM
    For what it is worth I plan on TRYING to write lab reports with Pages this quarter. We'll see how they go. But I'll make a template of the basic report and just Change thing in it to make them unique. I think it should work.


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  • bobbleheadbob
    Apr 7, 01:04 PM
    It's not just for "normal people", it's for me, too. :D :)

    Gotta love the Woz!

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  • Full of Win
    Mar 28, 09:29 AM
    From the graphic announment it is pretty clear what OS is now the focus of ACE (Apple Consumer Eletronics).

    ACE should drop all pretense and rename WWiOSDC:mad:


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  • jctevere
    Feb 4, 10:50 AM
    I just use map quest application. It is a free application and offers voice-based turn by turn directions with street names and all. Traffic updates really aren't worth the extra $40 if you ask me. And half the time I shut off the screen and just listen to the voice direction to save battery life, so 3D maps are a mute point with me... OTA map pulling really isn't all that bad. It loads your entire route when you load your destination (unless its extremely long, like cross-country) so if you don't deviate from its directions, you won't need service again to pull directions.

    I have only had 1 issue on OTA map pulling with Map Quest. I once took a different way then suggested and caused the unit to re-rout me automatically. However, at that moment I didn't have service (Thanks AT&T, I was in NYC...) so the app prompted saying "re-routing not available at this time" and then 1 minute later it re-rerouted me when I got service. Not bad. It does everything I want it to. The only thing I wish it had was traffic updates. I have no idea why anyone charges for this. We should get it free with our data packages...

    Anyone know if there is a jailbreak version of this app or will it not work because it is authenticated on the server side?

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  • rmhop81
    Mar 24, 07:21 PM
    This is a real surprising trend for Apple products, I cannot recall such deep discounts on the "old" model of anything in the past. I have an iPad1 and was planning to sell it and get an iPad2. But the "value" of both just when south by 40% to 50%.

    What I mean is - I can't be the only one thinking if I wait until the iPad3 comes along I'll be able to grab an iPad2 for 40% off.

    I have to wonder what Apple is planning to prevent this from happening next year?

    this happens for most of their products actually. go check out microcenter for the previous gen macbook pro. only $899.

    when the 1st gen iphone came out we got those for $299 no contract etc.


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  • chrmjenkins
    Apr 21, 02:27 PM
    2. WHY would we want LTE when Android phones have already shown how bad is for battery life? Moreover, not all countries have LTE and even in the US is not widely adopted. Is useless have not optimized technology this time that also cannot be used but by few.

    LTE coverage is already decent in the US thanks to verizon's aggressive rollout. They already cover 110 million Americans (over a third). They'll be in 145 markets by year's end, covering well over half of the US. Full coverage by 2013.


    There is only one thing I could disagree on the A5 adoption on the iPhone. If you have seen the iPhone4 and iPad2 internals you should think about this:

    a. The iPhone4 was so packed you could not fit an hair in it. The A5 is way bigger than the A4.

    Immaterial. Package size is not directly proportional to die size as any sort of general rule. You also presume the iPhone 4's PCB is so dense it couldn't handle a larger package (if needed). All speculation on your part.

    b. The solution for the iPad2 problem with the more demanding A5 consumption was to add a third pack of battery.

    The battery is the same rating (25 whr) and the device gets the same (if not better in some tests) battery life than the iPad 1. Debunked.

    This means that the iPhone4 design cannot allow the A5 chip, let alone a bigger battery. I believe that Apple has surely an internal redesign; however, I feel that they will not use the same exact A5 found in the iPad2.

    Unsubstantiated claims followed by baseless speculation.

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  • lordonuthin
    Apr 21, 12:06 PM
    i honestly have no idea lol

    just looked at the preferences and under settings it was set as no preference, does that mean big WU's? i dont think the G5 has the muscle to kick the big WU's under the deadlines.

    The G5 doesn't have the power for big wu's, from my experience they don't make good folding machines which is too bad as there are a lot of them still out there.


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  • marksman
    Apr 1, 01:28 PM
    This is getting off topic, but I have a directivo sitting in the corner collecting dust. I owned tivos since they first came out, but a few years the directv dvrs got good enough to replace the tivo experience, and as far as a I know the new tivo box will have a premium monthly charge, so I seriously doubt I will switch.

    I am a big fan of the technology brought into the world by TiVo and ReplayTV, but TiVo has been one of the most amazingly horribly run companies I have ever seen. I am shocked they are still in business...and I guess they can thank Dish for that...

    Anyways back to time warner fighting with fox.

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  • studiomusic
    Sep 19, 03:44 PM
    I tried to install Bootcamp/XP on my Mac Pro before this, but no dice. I will try this tonight and hope it works.


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  • ghall
    Jan 22, 03:54 PM
    I may end up waiting for the inevitable 3DS "lite". $250 seems like a lot for a handheld console and I am not impressed with the battery life. Quite frankly I am not impressed with the launch lineup either. A few of them are games I would buy if I had the 3DS already, but they're not exactly console sellers for me.

    Plus Pok�mon Black & White will keep my DSi in fairly good use for a long while. :D

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  • rdowns
    Apr 25, 11:00 AM
    Rich bastard who deserves to be shot 300 times in the heart.. Yes, I hate rich people... I am glad many died in WWII and other wars.. at least they can't take their money which is worthless anyway to heaven.

    You have some serious issues. :rolleyes:

    Trump is a good businessman... which may be good for corporations if he gets elected. IMO though, what we need is a President who looks out for the people, not business.

    Either way, I don't see a Republican candidate winning at the moment. Obama, even with "low" ratings, has enough to win re-election.

    Yeah, a good businessman who took a casino, A CASINO, into bankruptcy THREE times. Dig a little deeper to see how many failures and questionable deals are out there.


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  • marksman
    Mar 24, 03:51 PM
    iphone + mba 11 > ipad/2

    You could buy at least 3 iPad 2s for the cost of a MBA and an iPhone.

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  • BrettJDeriso
    Jun 19, 08:51 AM
    Pour all their R&D into technologies that don't even exist yet, while continuing to throw up excuses for why they can't include technologies that do. Like Blu-Ray.


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  • Laird Knox
    May 2, 04:31 PM
    let us have news of obama bin ladens death!

    I didn't even know he was sick! On second thought, never heard of him.

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  • ivan2002
    Apr 12, 04:37 PM
    Right now in NYC you can walk in the Apple store anytime and get the Verizon iPad. ATT models are extremely hard to find.

    So how is it that Verizon is preferred???... (I know why but I'll let you guess...:))

    The survey is flawed if it's estimating US sales by polling only US buyers.

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  • CarlisleUnited
    Dec 18, 01:56 PM
    I sincerely hope not. I'd rather have anything other than a poor metal track being played continually on the radio over the festive period.

    Even a poor cover of a poor Miley Cyrus song?

    May 2, 02:31 PM
    What is your point? If you have something to say, then say it, don't post useless links.

    It's called sarcasm - some get it and some don't.

    Apr 12, 06:14 PM
    I use Office 2011 too, except for Outlook and HATE the ribbon. I wish there was an option to turn it on and off. It's obnoxious.

    Actually you can turn the ribbon on and off, and you can even modify what appears in the ribbon. Open one of the Office applications, like Word for example, in the top right in-line with the ribbon, you should see a gear icon, click it, a you'll see a drop-down menu, then select "ribbon preferences," from there you'll be able to customize the ribbon, and even turn it off.

    Nov 14, 10:27 AM
    Well, this is pretty cool.

    Is there going to be some downside to this, like a fee or (worse) ads? (Much worse, if the ads can't be skipped or easily ignored.)

    Well, a fee isn't really that bad, come to think of it. I mean, it's got to be paid for, whether directly or through the price of the ticket or ad revenue.

    This is a really nice passenger perk.

    Jaffa Cake
    Dec 16, 03:05 PM
    Tom B. – a couple of things in your article that caught my eye...

    ...when you look at [Christmas Number ones] over recent years, it was Bob the Builder one year, Mr Blobby…there's a tradition of quite horrible songs...Hmm. Wasn't Cowell himself behind Mr Blobby's single? :p

    Indeed, in his early career he was behind a lot of one-hit novelty songs so I think its a tad hypocritical that he's now turning his nose up at such songs for being 'horrible'.

    I think we were getting to a point where [the Christmas chart] was all becoming like The Millennium Prayer, and I just didn't like that song.Now, I didn't like that song myself either – and I'm certainly not a Cliff Richard fan. However, I was delighted when that song got to number one, simply because DJs and people like Cowell were so opposed to it doing so.

    See, he song didn't have anything like the airplay or marketing behind it that the manufactured crap that fills the charts does – and in fact the reaction it got from sneering DJs was poor at best – but it got to number one simply because Cliff had enough fans and enough people liked the song that it was able to sell more copies than the sort of stuff Cowell and his cronies would prefer us to buy instead.

    So fair play to Cliff for that, and I'd rather have proper musicians like him or Rage Against The Machine topping the charts this Christmas than some spotty oik doing a cover of, of all things, a Hannah Montana song.

    Aug 19, 12:03 PM
    I am JB and have biteSMS. This is the reason the new version won't work? I'm logged in but everything keeps popping up 'Error' on every page.

    Is the only option to restore the old one by syncing with iTunes on my computer?

    yes this is the reason. try it yourself.

    and yes. i updated FB on my phone. so i just deleted it, and then re-sync'd my phone with the older version of FB.

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