Jumat, 31 Desember 2010

Dressing in heels

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to dress up a little more. For example, even just adding a pair of black heels to a regular outfit makes such a difference. Here, Susan Cernek looks so pretty. (And I love this Urban Outfitters pair.)

Are you making any New Year's Resolutions?

(Photo by Stockholm Street Style)

Kamis, 30 Desember 2010

Baby quilts

Loving these beautiful baby quilts and stroller blankets. They're handmade and look so timeless.

P.S. An added bonus: You can hang them on your wall when your baby outgrows them. Sweet.


I hope that all of your hopes and dreams come to fruition in 2011. Stay fabulous,confident and fashionable :-)


Selasa, 28 Desember 2010

My blog was hacked.

My dear readers,

My blog has been hacked, and someone is still messing with the blog coding. I wanted to let you know that I didn't write the "happy new year" post (which I've now deleted). If you see any posts over the next couple days that don't sound like me, they probably weren't written by me.

I'm figuring things out as quickly as I can; please hang in there with me!

Love, Joanna
P.S. Meanwhile, Toby and I traveled for 14+ hours today, including a scary emergency airplane landing in New Orleans. Acks, what a day!!

Update: Things seem to be back on track, whew! Thanks for your sweet comments!

Senin, 27 Desember 2010


Because of the crazy east coast snowstorms, our flight to New York yesterday was cancelled, so we're in L.A. for three more days. Hope everyone with travel plans is doing OK! What chaos! xoxo

(Photo by Mike + Doug Starn)

Sabtu, 25 Desember 2010

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from (sunny!) Palm Springs. I can't wait to catch up next week, and I wanted to say a big thank-you for everything this year. It has been a pleasure having you here, and I feel so grateful and lucky to have such wonderful readers. Hope you have a fabulous holiday. Love, Joanna (and Alex and Toby) P.S. Where are you spending Christmas this year? It's so funny to have a warm California Christmas after growing up in Michigan!

Kamis, 23 Desember 2010

Congratulations to...

Thifa! Yes, Thifa with the email address(thifasblog@gmail.com) Beautiful,you won a $25 gift certificate from Apothica!!! I will send your info over to Apothica by Monday. You'll be shopping in no time:-) Thanks everyone! Merry Christmas xoxo

Family photos

Sweet Paul has a bunch of great holiday craft tips, like making your own cupcake toppers and wrapping paper using family photos! Here are his easy instructions...

(Via Card Style)

Rabu, 22 Desember 2010

Jane Austen comic

Speaking of Jane Austen, here's a little comic. ;)

(By Kate Beaton, via Kat)

Wedding hair

Isn't this bride's twisted bun beautiful? She looks right out of a Jane Austen novel.

(Photos by Steep Street)

Selasa, 21 Desember 2010

Chopping onions

Here's a little trick for when you're cooking dinner this holiday: To keep your eyes from stinging while you're chopping onions, put a piece of bread in your mouth and let it hang out. Apparently, it really works! Who would have thought?

(Photo and tip from Faith Durand/Apartment Therapy)

Home inspiration: Black and white

Loving this print and crib sheet. They both pack such a punch!

(Photos by Mia Linnman and Kjerstis Lykke, via The Boo and the Boy)

Senin, 20 Desember 2010

Hello from California

Hope you had great weekend! We're now in California, and the trip out here was a million times easier than I had expected. Toby was super mellow on the plane and slept in our arms most of the way. He only freaked out at the very end, during the drive from the airport to the hotel. Whew! The weather here is grey and rainy (just an observation:), but we l-o-v-e our hotel, which is cozy and comfy, and it's just nice to have time to chill. Here's a photo of Toby hanging with us in a cheesy-but-fun Mexican restaurant at the end of the Santa Monica pier. Kisses to you all, and thanks for your sweet encouragement about the flight! xoxoxo

Minggu, 19 Desember 2010

k mag

Let it dough!

Berlin-based artist Christoph Niemann and his three sons started playing around with cookie dough. How genius are their creations? See more here.

P.S. Their Legos from last year.

(Thanks, Lauren!)

Jumat, 17 Desember 2010

neil krug + joni harbeck PULP ART book

amazing, via http://www.pulpartbook.com/

Have a fun weekend!

My darlings, what are your plans for the weekend? Alex, Toby and I are heading to California tonight! (It will be Toby's first plane ride, eeps! Wish us luck!) We'll be staying in L.A. for a few days, just the three of us. Then we're meeting Alex's family in Palm Springs, where his brother is getting married! They're having a Buddhist ceremony, which I'm excited to see. What are your plans for the holidays? Are you heading home or elsewhere? Have a wonderful weekend, and meanwhile, here are a few fun posts from around the web... xoxo

LOVE this vintage wool bag.

Salad + pizza = salad pizza. YUM.

No way! Patrick Dempsey was on the cover of a J. Crew catalog!

Beautiful tie-the-knot engagement ring.

How adorable that she wore her glasses.

Crikey. I will never, ever do this.

Winter street style.

Isn't this dress pretty? It looks like it's painted.

Cool business cards.

The Hovey sisters just went to Paris! Here are their fab photos.

Surprisingly touching.

Don't you secretly want to try this sip n' swirl straw yourself? :)

And for your last-minute holiday gifts...
The complete Cup-of-Jo Gift Guide from the past four years.

P.S. I've scheduled a few fun posts next week, so feel feel to check back if you're in a blog-reading mood. Have a great weekend. xoxo

(Photo of Alex)

Baby and kids editor

My sweets, I'm excited to share a little side project: I'm the new baby & kids editor at Beso, a fabulous product discovery site. Every month, I'll be doing round-ups of my favorite children's clothes, toys and products. So far, I've scouted winter gear and holiday gifts, and next up is cute maternity wear. Hopefully it will be helpful to fellow mamas out there! xoxo