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  • cube
    May 3, 10:48 AM
    - AMD Fusion
    - gigabit ethernet (built-in)
    - FireWire (built-in)
    - DisplayPort 1.2

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  • Zeos
    Mar 11, 12:58 PM
    Can you ask if they have instructions from AT&T for moving grandfathered unlimited plans to the iPad2?:)

    Stonebriar Frisco update, about 60 in line. Apple rep going down line asking if we have any questions and will try to give us answers.

    Asked about what and when accessories are available

    Ask about how many per person

    Asked about qnty of each available

    Asked about flow when doors open at 5:00

    And if we do not want personal setup is there an express pay lane


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  • Phrasikleia
    Mar 3, 10:10 PM
    I get your suggestioin about a focal point. That brings up some interesting questions about how to light it. It would have to be very deliberate so as not to spill into the red and blue. As it was I ran around in the dark with a flashlight to light the scene. The total exposure time was 66.7 seconds. :) Perhaps even a faint image of somebody sitting in the foreground. Maybe even a ghostly figure -- only in the frame temporarily so that the cabin bleeds through.

    I love this kind of thinking! You obviously have a creative mind, so go for it! I frequently return to the same sites to try out new ideas; it can be an extremely rewarding way to shoot because you eventually become a master of that location and know exactly what you want to do there. So yeah, let your imagination run wild and go back to try out something fun.

    I do a lot of this kind of shooting (gelled strobes, dilapidated structures, low light), and I know all too well how challenging it is to get the balance right between the artificial and ambient light. You said you now have some more strobes and triggers, and that will free you up a lot to do shorter exposures, which will help you to incorporate more ambient light and get more detail into the shadows.

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with next. :)

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  • P-Worm
    Sep 19, 11:00 PM
    Please, enough with the spec matching. :rolleyes: I'll tell you where the missing $1500 went: research and development, OS X (That's a big one...), and the fact that you know that your computer is an all around better machine.

    Don't make me use the Geo and Viper car anology again. :eek:



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  • renewed
    Dec 27, 08:09 PM
    Same reason most online stores don't ship to Nigeria.

    If statistics show problem online fraud areas in a much higher percentage than other cities, it makes sense to temporarily curb it.

    +1. This whole signal is at fault thing is really getting old.

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  • LarryC
    Apr 26, 06:37 PM
    What they will probably end up doing is tell the air owners that they can download the software from the app store or they can buy the optional optical drive and install their new OS like everybody else does.


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  • jjhny
    Jan 5, 09:17 AM
    If you live in the northeast I can tell you definitely there are many places where data coverage goes out - it's just a fact of terrain. There are many places where you would need a cell tower every hundred feet to have complete coverage - and that ain't happening. I'll give you and example - Greenwich, CT has terrible data coverage - this is a rich area, maybe 35 miles from NYC and data coverage is terrible. I've seen it first hand, this not speculation.

    I use TomTom - it has all the maps of the US and Canada - it works in the middle of nowhere in the backcountry even without cell or data coverage.

    Now - to be out in the middle of nowhere and have the app say it needs data - and that you can't get your street or turning info - well that is just profoundly stupid. They need to have the option to download at least your full region within 200 to 500 miles - otherwise I just would not trust it as my gps system. No way. Case closed.

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  • wolfshades
    Nov 8, 09:05 AM
    As if security concerns weren't bad enough if your phone gets stolen.., If this is used to pay automatically for services and merchandise, what's to prevent a thief from running up a huge balance by using a stolen iPhone's RFID? Here in the UK we have to enter a PIN when using a credit card, and that seems to deter thieves. However, there are some places that require only a signature for some bank cards - my ex's purse was stolen in London and within the thirty minutes it took to report this to the bank 300 GBR pounds were charged to her bank card. Using a mobile phone for payment is not new - it's just a stupid idea.

    Your concerns are understood. My question is: how does this differ from having your wallet or credit card stolen? Amazing that we'll secure our computers up tightly to prevent online security breaches but we'll let the sketchy-looking waiter walk away with our credit card in the restaurant.....


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  • Object-X
    Nov 21, 04:57 PM
    Does this mean we might actually see a 3GHz G5 Powerbook? :rolleyes:

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  • rdowns
    Mar 11, 04:08 PM
    As an example, the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry are both 80% U.S./Canadian parts content. The Chevrolet Silverado pickup? ...61%. :eek:

    My Acura TL is built here from 75% American parts, 15% Japanese and no others listed.


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  • taylermatt42146
    Jun 13, 10:11 PM
    Yes, all your purchases, and downloads should be backed up in iTunes. Actually, when I restore my iPod touch it gives me the option to restore from a backup. (that is, if you ever backed up). After running the backup, it's just like it was before.

    If you have never backed up, just click the restore button, then after all is done you should still have an "applications" tab in iTunes which let's you put the apps back on.

    Hope this was some help to you.

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  • ClimbingTheLog
    Nov 11, 08:56 PM
    That's because there is no "L" sound in Japanese, and the "R" sound is what comes closest to the English "L" sound.

    Is there something funny about that?



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  • kes601
    Apr 12, 01:06 PM
    One biggie is an enhancement, as opposed to a fix. Outlook can now sync w/iCal. This was present in Entourage, but was dropped from the initial release of Outlook.

    Too bad this wasn't released a couple of weeks ago. I could have saved some struggles for my boss who we moved from Windows/Outlook to OS X/Mail/iCal.

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  • johnnyturbouk
    Apr 5, 05:45 PM
    so in a way apple has been forced to at least usb3 popularity

    i can live with the fact that there are no native support for usb3 on the 2011 MBP - i just hope that there will be TP - usb3 and half decent expresscards34.. and apple do their part by providing the softaware support in the os


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  • cantthinkofone
    Apr 18, 01:03 PM
    "Ahead" in what terms? Sure, public transport is used considerably more in Europe than in the US. Reason? Gas prices (oh yes, and the fact that you can't get a parking space in the big cities just makes it more convenient).
    But is the actual infrastructure worse? From a european point of view, that is hard to believe.

    Check out this link for a comparison of transportation prices EU vs. US:

    What I am talking about is in the majority parts of the USA. New York, LA, Chicago, Boston, Miami, etc etc all have a public transportation infrastructure. Where I live, in what is considered "rural" USA the only form of public transportation is a taxi. There are no city buses, no rail system, nothing. If I need to go somewhere I have to drive there.

    I live in Missouri, which is 69,704 sq mi. England is 50,346 sq mi. So when you travel from one end to the other (North to South, or East to West) of England you have gone from one end of your country to the other in 3-6 hours. Here, If I left now and traveled for 3-6 hours I would leave my state but I would be no where close to the edge of my country.

    We are so spread out as a country and because of that our public transportation, unless you live in a city with 500,000+ people, is crap compared to European countries. You can travel anywhere in the City of Paris or London for one flat fee with the subway system. When I was in England staying in Belper, it cost a couple of pounds to travel by train to Derby. If I was to pay a taxi to take me to St. Louis, or Kansas City, damn....probably cost me $2-300.

    I wish the USA would build a high speed rail system and have a station here where I live. They built a highway system, why not a rail system?

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  • Track&Share
    Jan 12, 03:42 PM
    We are working on a Facebook status update. Our app so far updates users via Twitter on daily things that get tracked. Glad to see Facebook become more iPhone friendly. If you have anything to track / improve in your life, have a look at Track & Share. Try the lite version for free. All the best to all Facebook fans,


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  • bunger
    Apr 5, 05:14 PM
    I thought about the Bose/app combo, but some of the stations I like to listen to don't stream online... which means the app route won't work. <sigh>

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  • ikir
    Jun 22, 04:35 AM
    Wow, hadn't even thought about that... That would be so nice. :o

    Very good idea!!! The only problem is speed, Apple SD readers are quite fast but only some high end SD reach good speeds.

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  • ctdonath
    Oct 7, 07:32 AM
    I would love some sort of flip/clamshell design. I've always hated the single flat slate phone design. I want a phone first not a PDA.

    Ya know, maybe the iPhone just isn't for you.

    Dec 18, 08:56 AM
    There's already a thread on this. Just as I did in that one, I think it's incredibly sad. The irony in what the RATM croud are trying to achieve is particularly amusing.

    Mister Snitch
    Apr 5, 09:02 AM
    He won't eat it. He hates everything!
    He LIKES it! Hey Mikey!

    Oct 26, 07:43 PM
    Cah! It is the people who asked who should be embarrassed.

    I got there about 5 and about half-way around the block which was good enough to snag a shirt, keyboard and Leopard by about 6.15.

    My main purpose in commenting though is to say congrats to Apple on the management of the event, especially the policing of the queue. It was good to see they dealt with pushing in because, let's face it, they get the same money whether you push or not.

    (one machine Leoparded, two to go!)
    I agree with you there. I too thought they handled the queue very well and very professional. Well done Regent Street! Plus, well done to all the staff inside, seeing that armada of people constantly coming in couldn't be easy to face!

    Mar 29, 09:21 AM
    No it will not! Focal length is not the same thing as the same as field of view.

    Never said it was

    May 2, 01:18 PM
    Which color shows the scratches from the caliper more?

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