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  • what color are justin bieber

  • TheSideshow
    May 5, 04:25 PM
    Unless Microsoft is selling me Atari Jaguars they shouldn't tell me to "Do the Math".

    They "asked".

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  • Snowy_River
    Nov 18, 03:02 PM
    Do you have proof apple ordered the destruction of the products?

    There are a few outlets to get the same products but they are in China.

    Of course not. I was saying that if these were the original parts that were rejected by Apple, then there isn't much wiggle room regarding the fact that they are stolen goods. It is highly unlikely that Apple released these parts for sale. It is much more likely that they were ordered stored or destroyed. Either way, they would now be stolen property.

    Now, if they were from another manufacturer (i.e. a knock-off product), or from a non-Apple production run at Foxconn (though there may be some serious issues there, too, as under contract Apple may own all product coming off certain tools), then the only possible criminal issue would be patent infringement.

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  • carlgo
    Mar 23, 12:45 AM
    I understand what most of you are saying, and for the most part agree. I'm still using my D70s, and getting pics that still get compliments from people. On the other hand, I've been wanting a 70-200 for a while now. Not sure if this falls under the superfluous 'let's-buy-more-gear' mentality, or the 'i-want-to-try-new-type-of-vision' mentality.

    What do you think?

    I've been doing most of my hobby with an 11-16 and 35mm.

    You deserve another, longer lens for sure.

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  • with justin bieber eyes.

  • KnightWRX
    Apr 22, 06:58 PM
    Wait, what ? :rolleyes:


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  • justin bieber eyes closed.

  • Compufix
    Sep 20, 06:01 PM
    You can't boot XP from CD on a Mac. You can't you can't you can't. The Mac boots using EFI, which XP doesn't support.

    You need to use Boot Camp to install it, as legacy BIOS emulation has to be loaded specifically for XP.

    No...the EFI room supports BIOS emulation. Bootcamp is nothing more than a GUI to access the Disk Utility to resize the HD partition, Set the proper Boot volume, and burn a Driver CD.

    You can totally install XP without even installing Bootcamp, however you do need the drivers.

    If you boot and hold the option key down then insert the XP cd, you WILL see it there, and you CAN boot from it. However you will need to have the HD's partitioned and set up ahead of time, and the BootCamp utility makes that easier.

    The BIOS emulation is a feature built into EFI...Apple had it disabled on the MacBook Pro, and the first firmware upgrade enabled it, and since then Apple has had it enabled on all current models.

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  • I close my eyes I can see a

  • kinesin
    Nov 11, 09:01 AM
    Easiest way is purchase a QuickTime Pro License, then all you have to do is control-click on the window, and it will give you a 'Save as QuickTime Movie'. Or, without QT Pro, you can still save it the movie using a more complicated method as outlined on macosxhints: http://tinyurl.com/dsmsl

    Without QTPro,

    Use firefox, rightclick 'view page info'
    select media, find link to embedded mov file, click 'save as'


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  • justin-ieber-black-eye-

  • rhett7660
    May 2, 02:43 PM
    You mean this?

    Who gets this angry about computer platforms?


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  • ieber eyes. Justin Bieber #39

  • MisterMe
    Sep 20, 09:28 AM
    Originally posted by ColdZero
    Oh yea, nice and fast :rolleyes:. A Dual 1.25Ghz G4 vs a single 2.8ghz P4, uhhh isn't that a little unfair. Where is the dual 2.4ghz P4 vs dual 1.25ghz G4 comparison?
    You are absolutely correct. We should only compare dual-processor Apple computers to other dual-processor computers. Please list your benchmarks for a dual-processor Dell, HP/Compaq, or Gateway personal computer.


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  • Those eyes - Justin Bieber

  • eternlgladiator
    Feb 23, 03:57 PM
    Hoping this works :)

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  • Justin bieber has a black eye

  • jb510
    Mar 26, 05:23 PM
    #1 there is no front page news here... Sesiously people? It's two guys having coffee and one overheard line someone claims of heard without any real substance or context.

    ...but to add to the humor aspect going on here... I think Jobs wears the same thing every day to express solidarity with all the Apple users that have to settle for fewer choices and options than PC users.

    You want blu-ray? Look I want a shirt I don't pull over my head every morning, but I get by..
    You want a replaceable battery in your iPhone? Look I want a different pair of shoes but I get by...
    You want USB ports on the iPad? Look I want to wear shorts some time, but I get by...


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  • blackcrayon
    Apr 5, 11:01 AM
    What I find to damn stupid is that all competitors except Apple use Android or Honeycomb. WTF!
    They are comparing ipad to other tablets essentially running the same effing OS.

    Maybe because that's the only competitor there is right now? No WebOS tablet released. No BlackBerryOS tablet released. I guess technically they could've put some Windows 7 devices on there, but that would've been embarrassing ;)

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  • justin-ieber-black-eye.jpg

  • DPinTX
    Mar 11, 01:45 PM
    FYI Zagg shield booth setup outside of Stonebriar Apple store just got there shipment of iPad2 front screen protectors. Only 50 of them



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  • OMG-Justin-Bieber-eyes-justin-

  • ECUpirate44
    Apr 7, 06:58 AM

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  • 2) Justin Bieber Eyes

  • BenRoethig
    Oct 9, 04:10 PM
    Maybe it's just me, (and maybe this has been said before) but when I first got my "video capable" iPod, I was downloading music videos left and right. Then as soon as TV shows became available I got hooked on "Lost", "Battlestar Galactica" and more...but I quickly found out that the quality was not that great...

    I still ended up buying the DVD's of the shows that I really liked, and for those movies that I want on my iPod (for travel purposes) I simply convert them to iPod format, the quality is far better than anything you can download.

    Downloading may be convenient, but I will still run to the store for a hardcopy.

    And I agree with some earlier comments, once the HD/Blu-Ray war is over and the dust settles, I will begin rebuilding my video library with the winning format, because I can't imagine (yet) trying to download those files.

    You're far from alone.


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  • what color is justin bieber eyes. Foreground: Pop star Justin; Foreground: Pop star Justin. Psychopulse. Nov 6, 09:49 AM

  • farmboy
    Mar 25, 10:15 AM
    Second that. There's a niche market (I think) amongst a few for film. Unfortunately, its become really expensive proposition. Even if you pay $2 for a roll and $10 for developing/processing, its crazy expensive compared to digital. If they could some how make it cheaper it could be successful.

    I have a couple of horses I could sell you for your buggy. You yourself have in one short paragraph identified why film is gone and ain't comin' back.

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  • justin bieber desktop

  • jefhatfield
    Sep 15, 09:31 AM
    Originally posted by iGAV
    I don't think the situation will arise where we are comparing the speed of the G4 Vs the P5 actually...... ;)

    i hope by the time pentium 5 hits the shelves, there will be a G5 on the shelves

    btw, igav, i see that you are on akira's site...i should go there and join up and give the old alphatech a hard time...i miss alphatech and his intelligent comments...even when he gets unintelligent and flames newbies:eek: :p ;)


    justin bieber eyes. Justin Bieber My World
  • Justin Bieber My World

  • mrat93
    Apr 5, 07:07 PM
    I say fake for two reasons:

    justin bieber eyes. what color is justin bieber eyes. eye color sea green; eye color sea green. EvanLugh. May 3, 05:33 AM. I installed something via iFile that i#39;d sent myself
  • what color is justin bieber eyes. eye color sea green; eye color sea green. EvanLugh. May 3, 05:33 AM. I installed something via iFile that i#39;d sent myself

  • WildPalms
    Oct 26, 06:40 PM
    Ahhh, so then its fine if Apple makes a Photoshop competitor. Sweet.:)

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  • justin bieber eyes.

  • InfoSecmgr
    Apr 6, 03:37 PM
    Because you do contracts for the Department of the Navy does not mean you know everything. Also there is more tax dollars going to waste every DAY with the current administration.

    Trust me I served for 21 years and saw waste fraud and abuse, and there aint a dam thing your going to do, as soon as you blow the whistle your career is down the toilet and that is active duty personnel and the civilian workers also.

    This about sums it up to the OP you are replying to here. I've been in for 6 years (a bit less than you obviously) but I do concur.

    Jan 10, 07:53 AM
    Does anybody know how to get the contacts to sync? :confused:

    Apr 6, 06:35 AM
    The thread here is funny. So many off topic rambles.

    But... this seems like a great thing! Fast I/O between the iOS device and the Mac. It will make for amazingly fast throughput and it standardizes on one port. Yes, another change, but in the long run, it should be awesome. Let's hope this happens.

    Mar 13, 03:15 PM
    Get rid of DST. Not needed anymore. Problem solved.

    Is that you ??

    Thought you were on medical leave.

    Apr 12, 03:43 PM
    Although the particular organization was started fairly recently, I'm sure there was some reason that the organization was started.

    My grandparents have been involved in an organization for many many years that is in support of a specific ethnic group. The organization doesn't deny membership to others but there are very few members who belong to the organization that don't belong to the ethnic group. The group was started due to issues that the ethnic group was having in terms of discrimination so they decided to organize and although the situation has improved, the group has still filled a need within certain members of the ethnic group.

    Having said that, you better believe there are certain organizations within the US that would make it very difficult for a member of a minority group to join. And I'm not talking about the KKK (which is alive and 'well')

    Apr 25, 11:00 AM
    Rich bastard who deserves to be shot 300 times in the heart.. Yes, I hate rich people... I am glad many died in WWII and other wars.. at least they can't take their money which is worthless anyway to heaven.

    You have some serious issues. :rolleyes:

    Trump is a good businessman... which may be good for corporations if he gets elected. IMO though, what we need is a President who looks out for the people, not business.

    Either way, I don't see a Republican candidate winning at the moment. Obama, even with "low" ratings, has enough to win re-election.

    Yeah, a good businessman who took a casino, A CASINO, into bankruptcy THREE times. Dig a little deeper to see how many failures and questionable deals are out there.

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